It provides repair and replacement costs required by any damage arising from sudden and unexpected reasons after the test cycle of the machinery and facilities.

This provides the repair and replacement costs required for any damage arising from sudden and unexpected reasons after machinery and facility test cycles.

  • Business accidents
  • Loss and damage caused by incorrect design
  • Lubrication defect
  • Storm, frost and ice drifting
  • Misuse, ignorance and neglect
  • Other reasons for short circuit and electrical energy
  • Blockage, entry of foreign substances
  • Rupture due to centrifugal force
  • Water deficiency in boilers
  • Water hammer
  • Deformations caused by low pressure

Optional guarantees you can receive with Machinery Breakdown Insurance

  • Physical Explosion
  • Damages to the foundation and bases of the machines
  • Strikes, lockouts, uproars, civil commotions, terrorism
  • Overtime and serial transportation costs required as a result of damage
  • Extensive Comprehensive Insurance (fire, earthquake, flood, soil collapse, rock fall, crash, collision, rollover as well as theft if requested) for movable construction machines (excavator, dozer, loader, crane, forklift etc.).

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