Compulsory Traffic Insurance

Compulsory Traffic Insurance

You can guarantee against the losses of other vehicles or third parties in a possible accident with Compulsory Traffic Insurance!

Compulsory Traffic Insurance (Highway Motor Vehicle Compulsory Financial Liability Insurance) allows Kuveyt Türk to guarantee up to the compulsory insurance limits the driver of the motor vehicle faces, which is defined in the policy against the legal liability of the driver according to Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, arising from causing the death or injury of someone or the damage to an object while driving.

  • Compulsory Traffic Insurance provides guarantee for the consequences of all kinds of accidents suffered by the passengers, drivers and assistants registered in the insurance agreement during intercity or international passenger transportation within the travel period, including breaks and stopovers, from the beginning to the end of the transportation service.
  • Separate policies are issued for each and every land vehicle.
  • The policy is compulsory by law and its premium must be paid in cash.
  • Your reasonable and compulsory expenses as the policy holder to prevent or reduce the losses in an accident are covered by Kuveyt Türk.

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