Goods Freight Insurance secures physical damages that may be incurred in connection with an accident or incident in accordance with the circumstances and clauses specified in the policy while the goods are transported from one place to another by means of a transport vehicle (ship, truck, plane or train).

There are three types of guarantees for the goods subject to this insurance:

Full Damage Guarantee

Complete damage of goods with loss of all value together with the vehicle of transport.

Limited Guarantee

In addition to the risk of complete damage to the goods, partial damage is also ensured, depending on the accident (crash, collision, rollover, fire) of the vehicle carrying the vehicle. For this guarantee, special conditions specified with (Institute Cargo Clauses [C]) apply.

Wide Guarantee

It is commonly known as (All Risks). All risks except for the exceptions specified by the Institute Cargo Clauses [A], which are special for this guarantee, are guaranteed.

Other Freight Insurances are as follows:

Value Freight Insurance

Precious metals and stones such as gold as well as jewelery, cash or similar valuable goods are guaranteed against damage as a result of an accident in accordance with clauses and conditions in the policy when carried from one place to another by means of a carrier (ship, truck, plane or train) and / or risks of armed extortion and robbery.

Boat Insurance

It guarantees the risks that may be suffered by the ship or other maritime and lagoon vessels or other insurable interests within the period specified in the policy by the conditions set out in the policy.

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