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Secure Signing

VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certification methods are used in Kuveyt Türk Mobile Branch. In addition, the application is signed with VeriSign.  

Transaction Limits

Your Mobile Branch transaction limits are defined to be the same as the standard Internet Branch limits in your first use. In order to reduce your transaction limit specifically for the Mobile Branch, you can use our internet branch or our Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123; to upgrade, you can contact us.  

 Time Control

You can turn off the operations in the Mobile Branch except for specified time interval defined by entering the transaction authority at the time interval that you specify at the Internet Branch. To remove the restriction, you can contact Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 or your branch.

Our Customers' Responsibilities

  • Please note the e-mail addresses claiming to be from the Kuveyt Turk Participation Bank. Kuveyt Türk only sends e-mails for information purposes. He does not want any information from you. In such a case, inform the Call Center at 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123.
  • Be careful with fraudulent activities.
  • When choosing Internet Password, Password and Secret Word, please keep the following items in mind:
    • Be careful to use a different password.  
    • Do not use your personal information as password, password or secret word, use complex passwords  
    • Do not store your mobile branch information in your wallet and on your computer in a way that is easy to reach and pass by anyone else, or do not record a special note.
  • Keep your private information secret.
  • Protect your mobile phone against viruses and similar threats. Note that anti virus programs are installed and kept up to date.
  • We recommend that you use a phone activation key and key lock to prevent your mobile phone from being used by someone other than you.
  • For your safety, the Mobile Branch application terminates your session if no active action is taken within 500 seconds. Do not leave your phone where you can access others while the application is open.   For other security measures in the electronic environment, you can visit our Internet Security page.