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Who can use the Mobile Branch?

All retail and corporate Kuveyt Türk customers who use iOS 8.4, Android 4.1 and higher model mobile phones and also have internet banking password can use Mobile Branch.

How do I download a Mobile Branch?

You can immediately download the application from the link in SMS by writing MOBIL to 2848.
Click here to download from the App Store free of charge for iOS users
Click here to download Android Play free from Google Play.

How can I use the Mobile Branch after downloading to my mobile phone?

When you install the Mobile Branch, you need to make a confirmation fortemporary SMS from your mobile phone. You can only log in later with the PIN you set here.

How do I determine which password to use for login?

The password you use will be the one you use on the Internet Branch. To get an Internet branch password, you can go to the Call Center at 444 0 123.
We can only process passwords for our corporate customers at our branches.

What is the user name?

The user name is the name given to the authorities of the corporate customers.

How can I activate the mobile branch when I change my mobile phone?

In mobile phone changes, you need to download and re-activate the Mobile Branch again. Click here for detailed information on activation steps.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

In case you do not remember your password, you can set a new password after completing the required security verifications by switching to our Call Center at 444 0 123.

What can I do if I forgot my PIN?

You can create a new PIN after you have performed the required security checks with the Forgot My Password menu in the Mobile Branch PIN.

How can I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN using the Change PIN menu in the Mobile Branch.

Is the Mobile Branch safe for banking transactions?

The mobile branch uses the Mobile Approval infrastructure, a new generation security system developed by Kuveyt Türk. You can do your work safely and visit our Mobile Security page for more information on security.

Do I charge a GSM operator fee when I use the Mobile Branch?

The data connection resulting from your use of the Mobile Branch will be charged by your operator on the basis of your existing tariff.

What are the permits when downloading the application?

On iOS and Android operating systems, some permissions are required for certain functions of the Mobile Branch.

Permissions and explanations that the app requires from your device:

Contacts (Phonebook): On screens like GSM TL Download, you need to be able to add phone number from phonebook instead of entering it manually.

Location: Required for displaying the nearest Kuveyt Turk information and using the directions feature.

SMS Access: Verification code is required for the fields that need to be entered to be added automatically by reading the code in the SMS sent.

Phone: You need to be able to call the numbers in the application such as phone numbers and Call Center on the nearest Kuveyt Turk screen with one touch.

Camera, Photo / Gallery and Other Files: It is necessary for you to be able to carry out operations that require taking photos, adding photos or documents in the application.

Wireless Communication (WiFi) Information: You need to be alerted when you do not have an Internet connection.

Device Identity and Call Information: We use it to identify the device through which the application is being accessed.

Other: The permissions used in this section are used for continuous operation of the application, to prevent network devices from being displayed in sleep mode, to put the shortcut to the application, to read the Google service configuration, to have full authority on the internet, and to vibrate. 

​​​​How to remove Mobile Phone SIM block?

The SIM card can be unblocked by our customers through the Call Center and on the website. The SIM card is blocked in any case that physically causes the SIM card to change. This block needs to be removed in order for our customer to be able to enter the Mobile / Internet branch or to make 3d secure transactions with Bank Card. If the customer does not have any contact with our bank that requires SMS reception for 90 days, the block is automatically removed due to BDDK’s decision. In order for the SIM to be unblocked, the customer must use his / her ID and card information. Click to unblock SIM card.