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With Kuveyt Türk's API Banking security measures and additional functions it develops, you can easily carry out your transactions with supported external applications.
The additional functions developed by Kuveyt Türk are as follows:

Three-Phase Login Screen

In order to perform transactions related to your Kuveyt Turk account within the external application, you first log in with the customer number and Internet Branch code. On the next screen you will be asked to enter the password sent to your mobile phone. After entering the password, the confirmation screen is displayed for the data that the external application will access.

High security in every transaction

During each financial transaction, you must enter the password in your mobile phone application. In transactions involving customer data, you are expected to enter the password for a mobile phone in every four transactions.

Secure Signing

With external applications, Kuveyt Türk provides communication using VeriSign SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certification methods.

Transaction Limits

Your transaction limits for external applications are defined to be the same as Mobile Branch limits. You can contact your Call Center to customize your transaction limit to 444 0 123/0850 251 0 123 to customize or upgrade it.