General Features


The opportunity to access banking transactions with foreign applications using Kuveyt Turk Banking APIs more

With external applications that use Kuveyt Türk's banking APIs, you can now access banking operations more and more.

Kuveyt Türk offers banking services to foreign customers and offers different experiences to its customers. Outsourcing and banking services are available 24/7 from many different platforms and applications.

External Applications Using Kuveyt Türk  APIs

You can access the list of external applications using Kuveyt Türk APIs from the Kuveyt Türk API Market website.

How Can I Use External Applications?

In order to perform transactions related to your Kuveyt Türk account within the applications provided by Kuveyt Türk's banking API support, you first log in with your Kuveyt Türk customer number and password. On the next screen you will be asked to enter the password sent to your mobile phone. You may need to repeat the password entry on your mobile phone according to the actions you will be doing later.