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Tohum Card is a commercial credit card designed to finance the daily purchases of farmers, and agriculture / livestock enterprises, to match cash flow with the harvesting period and provide forward payment opportunity for purchases. It is accepted all over Türkiye wherever there is a Visa or MasterCard logo for transactions related to enterprise expenditures.

With Kuveyt Tohum Card, you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • You can purchase the necessary materials and raw materials for agriculture and animal husbandry activities with Tohum Card. Further, you can buy fuel and carry out the maintenance and repairs of the vehicles you use in agricultural activities.
  • Without the condition of becoming a member workplace, Tohum Card allows you at the moment of transaction to pay for your single-payment transactions in instalments and / or with forward payment.
  • Depending on the nature of the enterprise, you can set the frequency of the statements you receive at 2 to 12 months.
  • There is no card fee with Tohum Card. The minimum amount you can pay in instalments with Tohum Card is 50 TRY. 


  • You can finance the purchase of all products related to agriculture and animal husbandry with Tohum Card. However, financing products outside of this scope is not provided. You can pay for all your transactions in instalments with Tohum Card.
  • You can set the instalments up according to the collection periods of the products you have grown with Tohum Card. Kuveyt Türk does not demand any debt payment in the interim periods.
  • Tohum Card bank statement periods are defined for the produced product during card issuance and there is no change afterwards.

Sectors that accept Tohum Card

  • Veterinary Services
  • Agricultural Cooperatives
  • Irrigation / Heating Systems
  • Transport
  • Storage / Stocking
  • Vehicle Care / Spare Parts
  • Fuel
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Agricultural Medicines
  • Purchase of Hardware and Agricultural Raw Materials

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