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This is a system whereby an account is opened on behalf of the parents of students from which student fees for educational institutions can be transferred in instalments to the institution's account.

Kuveyt Türk provides a comprehensive service in which parents who are deemed eligible can pay tuition fees for private schools, universities and tuition schools through non-financial credit into the educational institution’s account.

The main features of the School Instalment System are as follows:
  • Kuveyt Türk installs the capital in the financing it provides. If it is not paid in due time, it automatically becomes default.
  • The School Instalment System guarantees all instalments on the payment plan of approved customers.
  • With a full guarantee, you are free from the risk of failing to pay your instalments and you save time in your collections.
  • No fee such as a commission, contribution, etc. will be deducted for the transactions going through the system. The instalment amount is deposited into the account of the institution.
  • No fee such as a profit share, commission, etc. will be deducted from the parent for the transactions going through the system. You only pay the amount of the instalment.
  • The educational institution does not deal with monetary transactions, and has the opportunity to use all of its energy in education and training.
  • Thanks to the online structure established by Kuveyt Türk for university registration, it is not necessary for the student's parents to come to the university to pay. The student's parents can make the payment transactions in Türkiye online from all Kuveyt Türk branches.

Education Finance

Kuveyt Türk Education Finance covers all expenses incurred during a student’s period of study. This includes various expenditures such as education, accommodation and food.

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