Direct Debiting System

Direct Debiting System

Direct Debiting System is a payment system.

Thanks to Kuveyt Türk's Direct Debiting System, you can receive cash proceeds quickly and with a guarantee when selling to retailers or customers.

What Is the Direct Debiting System?

Customers working with a franchise or distributorship structure can guarantee their receivables with the Direct Debit System (DBS). DBS also offers various payment facilities to sub-dealers.

Advantages of Direct Debit System

DBS Main Dealer Advantages

  • As a parent company, you can guarantee your sub-dealer's invoices are within their limits.
  • With DBS, you can reduce operational costs without collection tools such as checks, promissory notes, etc.
  • You can predict your cash flow and easily track receivables.
  • You can easily monitor your sub-dealers whose DBS limits are established through Kuveyt Türk.
  • Thanks to DBS, you can eliminate EFT and remittance costs.
  • You can integrate DBS with the accounting system you use.
  • DBS invoice transactions can be applied for both TRY and foreign exchange.

DBS Sub Dealer Advantages

  • You can save on operational costs, as DBS relieves your dependency on collection tools, such as checks or promissory notes.
  • As a sub-dealer, you can easily track your invoices to build trust.
  • You do not have to allocate a budget for expenses such as EFT and money transfer costs.
  • You can make payments on due dates from your account or by using funds.
  • You can use DBS for your invoice transactions in TRY and foreign currency.

DBS with Contribution and Its Advantages

  • As a parent company, you can pay your invoices in advance with a contribution rate.
  • If you are a sub-dealer, you can pay in installments over the invoice amount of your goods and services purchases.
  • As the need for collection instruments will no longer be required, you will be able to save on operational costs.

How to Apply for DBS?

You can visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to apply for DBS. Also, you can e-mail for any inquiries.

Join Direct Debiting System now to facilitate your collection and payment processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of the DBS in fuel purchases?

You can make fuel purchases for your vehicles registered to your company without paying cash at the stations of Turkey's leading fuel brands.

How does the DBS work?

  • Invoice information is submitted to the system through our bank's online services.
  • Invoice amounts are guaranteed by blocking dealer DBS credit limits to be paid to the parent company when due.
  • Collections are realized automatically on the due date.

What happens if the dealer payment is not received within the scope of DBS?

In case of non-payment by the buyer company, the bank will cover the payment of the invoices to the parent company up to the limit specified in the system. Necessary actions are initiated between the buyer company and the bank for unpaid invoices.

How is the DBS limit determined?

The Direct Debiting System limit depends on the recipient company's agreement with the paying agency and commercial history.