School Instalment System (SIS)


Entrust your child's school instalments to Kuveyt Türk, and save yourself time and money!

You can pay your education expenses in installments without any maturity difference through the School Installment System.

What Is the School Installment System?

School Installment System (SIS) is a solution that allows you to pay your periodic expenses, such as education, dormitory, food, and various services, without a credit card.

School Installment System Features

The main features of SIS are:

  • You can pay your education expenses in installments without using a credit card.
  • You can track and pay your installments or parent applications via Kuveyt Türk Mobile and Internet Branch.
  • You do not have to pay any costs, commissions, or profit share with the School Installment System.
  • You can get service from any Kuveyt Türk branch for your payments to the educational institution.
  • Click here to check the list of SIS-contracted schools.
  • Click here to check the list of SIS-contracted universities.
  • You can e-mail our bank via for inquiries regarding the School Installment System.

Advantages of School Installment System

Advantages for Schools

School Installment System by Kuveyt Türk provides schools with various advantages:

  • School Installment System offers 100% guaranteed service.
  • All installments in the payment plans of your SIS-approved customers are guaranteed.
  • Since all collections and cash flows are carried out from your institution's school account, you can access more controlled accounting management.
  • You can offer parents comfortable payment plans with more flexible installments.

Advantages for Parents

The SIS system is a beneficial solution for parents too. The two main advantages of the system are:

  • Through SIS, payment plan installments are automatically transferred from your account to the institution's account.
  • Even if you do not have enough money in your account, your payments will be made on your behalf at no extra cost.

How Can I Apply for the School Installment System?

You can visit the nearest Kuveyt Türk branch to apply for the School Installment System. Complete your application as soon as possible to benefit from the advantages of the SIS.