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Individual Accident Insurance guarantees damages caused by sudden and external accidents that may occur against your will.
The guarantees provided by the Huzurlu Yuvam Individual Accident Insurance that you will receive through Kuveyt Türk are as follows:
  • The policy holder is insured against a wide range of accidents such as traffic accidents, falls, sprains-fractures, burns, insect bites.
  • If the policy holder is injured as a result of an accident, the policy guarantees hospital, doctor, medicine, X-ray and other treatment expenses within the coverage limits without hospital restrictions. The treatment costs are paid to the policy holder when the invoice, to be received after the treatment is completed, is delivered to Katılım Emeklilik.
There are also many assistant services that you can use.
Services provided under insurance;
  • Combi Boiler and Air Conditioning Maintenance: Up to 40% discount on combi boiler and air conditioning maintenance services and other non-maintenance services 1 time for each in a year
  • Carpet Cleaning: Up to 40% discount on (6m²) machine-made carpet cleaning and additional services once a year
  • Radiator Cleaning: Radiator cleaning (max 6 pcs) once a year
  • Roller Blind: 4 m² roller blinds washing 1 time in a year
  • House Cleaning: Up to 30% discount on house cleaning service without any restrictions throughout the year
  • Online Doctor: Online doctor consultation service 3 times in a year
  • Sofa Cleaning: Up to 30% discount on sofa cleaning (two-seater) and additional sofa cleaning once a year
  • Dental Health Package: Discount on dentist examination, dental scaling and dental radiography, other services one time for each in a year in contracted institutions
While taking your precautions against accidents with the Huzurlu Yuvam Individual Accident Insurance, you can benefit from the services special for you without an additional fee or at a discount for a year by calling Advantageous Services Line No. 0850 480 33 50.
Assistant services are provided free of charge to our policyholders for a period of one year within the scope of limits, descriptions and general exceptions specified in the detailed product document.

Assistant services vary depending on the selected package.

You can access the detailed information about the product on Katılım Emeklilik Huzurlu Yuvam Individual Accident Insurance page.