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Comprehensive Insurance guarantees all the benefits of motor and motorless cars, trailers and vans, construction vehicles, rubber tire tractors and other agricultural vehicles owned by the insured as specified in the policy and permitted to be used on the highways from direct material losses arising from the occurence of the risks listed below.

The losses guaranteed by Kuveyt Türk Comprehensive Insurance are as follows:

  • Collision of vehicles with other motor or motorless vehicles that are allowed to be driven on the highway or railroad.
  • The crash of a stationary or moving object into a moving or stationary car outside the will of the insured or the driver due to sudden and external factors; or the collision of the car with such an object; or accidents such as the overturning, fall or rollover of the vehicle.
  • Losses arising from the ill-intentioned or mischievous actions of third parties or persons without legal capacity.
  • Vehicle catching fire.
  • The theft or attempted theft of the vehicle or the parts of the vehicles.

Extended Car Insurance

This product guarantees all of the guarantee groups above, as well as some of the risks that can be involved in the scope of the guarantee, with additional agreement in these general conditions.

The automatic guarantees covered by Extended Car Insurance are as follows:

  • The crash, collision, overturning, fall, rollover, burning and theft of a vehicle
  • Strikes, lockouts, uproars, civil commotions and acts of terrorism
  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters
  • Floods
  • Non-fire losses arising from the contact of cigarettes and similar substances
  • Damages to vehicles towed by unauthorized persons
  • Increases in appreciation
  • Damages caused by rodents and other animals
  • Theft of vehicles with the main key
  • Theft of keys
  • Replacement car guarantee
  • New appreciation guarantee
  • Mini repair services
  • Legal Protection guarantee
  • Voluntary Pecuniary Liability guarantee
  • Personal Accident Seat guarantee
  • No-claims protection guarantee

Optional Guarantees

  • Overseas guarantee
  • Movables guarantee
  • Cash collateral

Visit for more detailed information on the product regarding the rich guarantee structure, no-claim practices and other details offered optionally with the privilege of NEOVA Sigorta.

Click here for Comprehensive Insurance General Conditions.

Neova Sigorta

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