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İhtiyaç Card

Do you have wedding expenses?Are you up to travel? Do you want to renew the furnitures? İhtiyaç Card, is .

General Features

  • Kuveyt Türk brings you İhtiyaç Card, the first card of its kind in Türkiye and one that can be used for any purpose. Available at our branches, İhtiyaç Card enables you to enjoy the advantage of making single payments for your transactions and making your payments in the instalments you define at the time of applying (from 6 months up to 34 months).
  • You can use İhtiyaç Card for 2 months including the month it is issued. For instance, a card issued in June (either on June 1 or June 30) can be used until the end of July.
The card does not cover transactions made at stores selling alcohol, grocery expenses, fuel expenses, liquor store purchases, automobile services, exchange bureau transactions, casino or game of chance transactions, court orders or fines, car rentals, mobile top-ups, taxes, utilities, insurance, fuel payments, or purchases at car galleries or jewelry stores.

Education Finance

Kuveyt Türk Education Finance covers all expenses incurred during a student’s period of study. This includes various expenditures such as education, accommodation and food.

General Features

  • This finance covers language training and similar training, as well as primary school, high school, university and master’s degree education.
  • Its maximum term is 36 months.
  • A proforma invoice is valid for the use of this financing.
  • Consumers can use this financing in TRY, while businesses can use it in TRY and foreign currencies.
  • Alternative financing may be offered through a protocol signed between the educational institution in question and Kuveyt Türk.
  • Educational Financing applications can also be made by the parents/guardians of the students who do not have an income certificate

Travel Finance

Offered to both individual customers and enterprises, Travel Finance offers the best solution for travel cash needs.
With Travel Finance, Kuveyt Türk covers the financing of ticket fees, accommodation and similar expenses. Application is made via a proforma invoice showing these expenses.

General Features

  • You can made travel planning in installments up to 36 months with profit share rates suitable for your budget, without any cash problems.
  • Travel Finance is provided to consumers in TRY only and to businesses in TRY, USD or EUR.

Hajj/Umrah Financing

Our customers desiring to fulfill their Hajj/Umrah duties can enjoy the pleasure and joy of visiting the sacred lands thanks to Kuveyt Türk’s advantageous Hajj/Umrah Financing.

With Kuveyt Türk’s advantageous Hajj/Umrah Financing,

  •  you can serve your Hajj/Umrah duties without running low on cash
  • and benefit from terms of up to 36 months with budget-friendly profit shares.
  • You can easily make your payments with flexible payment plans.

Finance Calculation

Term Month

Allocation fee shall be collected in cash from the customer. Total amount to be paid does not include the financing allocation fee. This table is for information purposes only. It does not bind Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank A.Ş. any way.

Instalment Amount
Total Amount
To Be Paid
Monthly Profit Rate
Detailed Information and Payment Plan