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Inform Kuveyt Türk of the property you wish to purchase and let us review your application and purchase that home for you if it is a good choice. You can pay Kuveyt Türk for your new home later on in instalments


For this service, Kuveyt Türk adds a profit share after purchasing the home and organizes the payment in installments over a maximum of 60 months. We provide financing to customers in TRY and to enterprises in TRY and foreign currencies.

  • Apart from new real estates, financing is also provided for second-hand real estates and real estates sold by our contracted construction companies with Ongoing Construction Projects (OCP) and Finished Construction Projects (FCP).
  • Plot and workplace transactions are not covered by the housing financing.
  • In housing transactions, the amount that can be financed varies according to the appraissal value, housing situation and energy class. The amounts that can be financed in zero housing finances are as follows:
Rate Restriction
Appraisal Value/Energy Class A Class B Class Other
Houses up to 2 million  %90 %85 %80
Houses between 2-5 million %70 %65 %60
Houses between 5-10 million Max. 3.5 Million TL Max. 3.25 Million TL Max. 3 Million TL
Houses over 10 million %0 %0 %0

The amounts that can be financed in second-hand housing financing are as follows:
Maturity Restriction
Appraisal Value/Energy Class A Class B Class Other
Houses up to 500.000  %90 %90 %90
Houses between 500.000-2 million %70 %65 %60
Houses between 2-5 million %50 %45 %40
Houses between 5-10 million Max. 2.5 Million TL Max. 2.25 Million TL Max. 2 Million TL
Houses over 10 million %0 %0 %0

Finance with Fixed Payments

If you like the sound of having instalment amounts fixed every month so that you know how much you’ll be paying then step into the advantageous world of Kuveyt Türk with Housing Finance with Fixed Payments. You can become a homeowner for exclusive rates in instalments covering a period of up to 60 months.

Finance with Irregular Payments

Housing Finance with Irregular Payments is especially for Kuveyt Türk customers who want to decide how much they pay each month. Thanks to this financing, you can reduce or increase your instalment amounts or make interim payments and also create an instalment plan special to you.

Housing Finance from Abroad to Home

Housing Real Estate Financing from Abroad to Home offers everyone the chance to purchase real estate regardless of their nationality under the same conditions and with the same profit rates. Turkish nationals who live abroad and make a living in foreign money can benefit from this financing in just TL.
Foreign nationals who are specified in the list of reciprocity can benefit from this financing both in TL and foreign currencies.

Urban Transformation Finance

Urban Transformation Finance has been generated to provide the financial support required for Housing Transformation projects started all over Turkey within the framework of the law introduced as the “Transformation of Disaster-Prone Areas”. This financing method is designed to meet the strengthening, demolition and real estate sales needs of businesses and the strengthening and demolition needs of individuals.

Project planning for buildings with a risky structure report and which are within the Housing Transformation area will be exempt from Banking and Insurance Transaction Tax (BITT). Housing construction and strengthening credits provided through housing mortgages and projects assessed within the context of commercial transactions will be exempt from Turkey’s Resource Utilization Support Fund (KKDF).

Kuveyt Türk Contracted Housing Projects Finance

This type of financing aims at financing contractor companies’ ongoing (less than 85% completed) or completed (85% or more completed) construction projects. Given upon the fulfillment of the necessary conditions, this financing support ensures the acceleration of the contractor company’s sales.

We conduct business with contractors in 3 ways:

  • Blockage-Based Working System
  • Contribution Margin System
  • Blocked and Contribution Margin System

Click here for our contracted housing projects.

Plot/Workplace Finance

Would you like to purchase plots as an investment? Are you thinking of buying a new shop? Or have you found an office for a more reasonable price? Designed exactly for these purposes, Plot/Workplace Finance is at the service of Kuveyt Türk customers with terms of up to 60 months!

In order to benefit from Plot/Workplace Finance, visit our closest branch or call 444 0 123 Kuveyt Türk Call Center.

2B Finance

Kuveyt Türk 2B Finance offers a maximum term of 60 months for housing and 60 months for plot transactions! Real persons can use TRY, while legal persons can use TRY, as well as USD and EUR as a foreign currency-linked credit.

By purchasing your plot for cash, you can enjoy 60% cash purchase reduction on the market value for areas up to 400m2 and 44% reduction for areas over 400m2 and also make your payments in instalments specially catered to you.

Visit our closest branch or call 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 Kuveyt Türk Call Center for detailed information on our products and services.

Finance Calculation

Term Month

Allocation fee shall be collected in cash from the customer. Total amount to be paid does not include the financing allocation fee. This table is for information purposes only. It does not bind Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank A.Ş. any way.

Instalment Amount
Total Amount
To Be Paid
Monthly Profit Rate
Detailed Information and Payment Plan