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Platinum Account is a drawing account directed to our customers who would like to invest in platinum. It is possible to transact platinum in return for TL or USD. The platinum that you purchase and is transferred to your account is at 1000 (one thousand) purity. You may purchase platinum even in return for 1 TL and thus both benefit from platinum yield and have the opportunity to expand your investment portfolio.

You may affect your Platinum Account transactions on business days between 9.00 and 17.25 at Kuveyt Turk Branches or through the channels of Internet Branch, İŞLEMATİK, Telephone Banking and Mobile Banking.


  • You may make transfers between your platinum accounts. You may purchase platinum every month regularly by giving regular buying/selling order or when platinum reaches to a certain price by giving buying order.
  • Your platinum account is under the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) up to TL 650,000 for natural persons and legal entities.
  • There is no physical delivery in platinum transactions.

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