Gold-to-Gold Participation Account

Gold-to-gold Participation Account

You can ensure interest-free income by getting profit shares from gold at Kuveyt Türk, the pioneer of gold banking!

You can get the opportunity to earn interest-free returns by receiving dividends from gold with the Gold-to-Gold Participation Account.

What is a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account?

A Gold-to-Gold Participation Account can allow you to save and earn interest-free income.

How do you Open a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account?

Being a Kuveyt Türk member is all you need to open a Gold Participation Account! You can open your Gold-to-Gold Participation Account through Kuveyt Türk Mobile, Internet Branch, and all Kuveyt Türk branches.

Gold-to-Gold Participation Account Features

  • Every gram of gold you deposit in your account is invested in the real sector. The profit earned in this process returns to you as gold.
  • You can open a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account with a maturity of 1 month with 100 grams of gold.
  • 50 grams of gold is the minimum limit for opening your account with a maturity between 3 months and 1 year.
  • You can withdraw or exchange gold from your account so the balance does not fall below 100 grams for monthly maturity and 50 grams for other maturity options.
  • The withdrawal or exchange transaction made in accordance with the minimum balance condition does not break the maturity of your account. You will continue to receive a profit share on the remaining balance.
  • The institution and the account holder share the profit in a 70:30 ratio upon maturity.
  • Gold-to-Gold Participation Account's withholding tax rate is 15% for each maturity.

Which platforms can I use to open a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account?

You can open a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account through the following channels:

  • Kuveyt Türk Mobile
  • Kuveyt Türk Internet Branch
  • Kuveyt Türk branches

Open a Gold-to-Gold Participation Account now to earn interest-free earnings while investing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can physical gold be withdrawn from the Gold for Gold Account?

As long as minimum balance limits are adhered to, withdrawals can be made from the account without breaking the maturity.

What is the profit share rate of the Gold-to-Gold Participation Account?

The profit share rate of the account is 70:30.

Who determines the maturity period of the Gold-to-Gold Participation Account?

At the time of account opening, you can choose any maturity period between 1 - 12 months.

Is the Gold-to-Gold Participation Account religiously permissible?

Gold-to-Gold Participation Account is a participation banking product created to provide interest-free earnings. According to Islamic principles, there is no restriction on using the account.