Gold Current Account

Gold Current Account

Receive your gold in physical form at all Kuveyt Türk branches!

With the Gold Current Account, you can ensure your valuable savings are in a safe investment instrument.

How to Open a Gold Current Account?

Being a Kuveyt Türk customer is enough to open a Gold Current Account. However, if you are not a Kuveyt Türk customer yet, you can visit our Open an Account page and follow the steps to become a Kuveyt Türk customer.

Gold Current Account Features

  • You can use the Gold Current Account for savings and custody purposes.
  • You can buy and sell gold through your account.
  • You can trade through TRY, USD, and Euro accounts at advantageous rates.
  • The minimum transaction limit of the Gold Current Account is 0.01 grams.
  • The gold stored in your account is always at 995/1000 purity.
  • With the gold in the Gold Current Account;
    • You can issue Gold Checks,
    • You can make Gold Remittance,
    • You can withdraw physical gold from Kuveyt Türk branches or İşlematiks,
    • You can open a Gold for Gold Participation Account.

Which Platforms Can I Use to Open a Gold Current Account?

You can open your Gold Current Account through the following channels:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees deducted from the Gold Current Account?

You can trade gold from your account without paying income tax or any other fees and ensure the growth of your savings.

Is there interest in the Gold Current Account?

The Gold Current Account is a non-maturity participation banking product.

Is it safer to buy gold or open a Gold Current Account?

When you purchase physical gold and store it at home, you expose yourself to the risks of theft and loss. However, when you open a Gold Current Account, your savings are safely protected, and you can trade without such risks.

Is the Gold Current Account halal?

According to the Presidency of Religious Affairs, investing in gold is not religiously prohibited.