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Direct Debiting System is a payment system that provides guarantees to parent firms working as franchisees, dealers or distributors for their receivables, and also offers various payment facilities to the sub-dealer.

The main advantages of Direct Debiting System are as follows:

  • Parent companies solve their collection problems by switching from collection instruments like cheques, promissory notes etc. to an automatic system with DDS-DCS. Thus, they can focus more on marketing and other tasks outside of collections.
  • The parent companies have the opportunity to see the DDS limits of all the sub-dealers that the bank has opened the DDS limit for instantly through the installed system.
  • Guarantees are instantaneously given to forward invoices entered within the limits of the sub-dealers, and goods can be sent.
  • It can be integrated into accounting systems such as SAP, ERP, LOGO etc. used by the main companies.
  • The main companies can create offers for sub-dealers through the contribution-based usury method via DDS.
  • The DDS-DCS (Direct Debiting System-Direct Collection System) systems can be used for both TRY and foreign currencies.

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