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EN 15838:2009 Customer Contact Center Management System Certificate

As a result of the audits and assessments performed by the international rating and certification institution Kiwa Meyer, it was certified that our Call Center had established a quality management system complying with the “Customer Contact Centers Management” standard and we have been awarded with EN 14838:2009 “Customer Contact Center Management System Certificate”.

Quality League

Our Call Center has demonstrated its success in the “Quality League” organized independently by Telephone DoctorTM firm with participation of nearly forty call centers from various sectors after being ranked as the third in 2012 and as the second in 2013.

Competitor Customer Analysis

The “Competitor Customer Analysis” refers to the analysis of mystery calls made by an independent institution to Kuveyt Türk Call Center and the designated competitor bank call centers. In this analysis performed in 2013 and 2014, our Call Center has proven its quality by scoring a higher point compared to the competitor call centers.