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Personal Accident Insurance guarantees you against the losses resulting from sudden and external accidents that may occur out of your control.

The guarantees provided by Kuveyt Türk Personal Accident Insurance are as follows:

  • Death: Thanks to this guarantee, an indemnity is paid to the legal heirs of an insured person who passes away due to any accident.
  • Permanent Disability Thanks to this guarantee, an insured person who becomes disabled due to any accident is indemnified according to the level of his/her disability.
  • Treatment Expenses Thanks to this guarantee, the treatment expenses of an insured person who is injured due to any accident are guaranteed.
  • Daily Indemnity Thanks to this guarantee, the income loss is indemnified for the insured in case he/she is unable to work for a temporary time period due to any accident.
In addition, there are many assistance services that you can benefit from.

Services offered within the scope of insurance,
  • Emergency Land Ambulance Dispatch
  • Health Advice Line
  • Drug Delivery Organization
  • Home Doctor or Nurse Delivery Organization
  • Second Medical Opinion Organization
  • Psychological Support by Phone
  • Healthy Nutrition Counseling by Phone
  • Financial Information and Legislation Consultancy
Assistance services are provided free of charge to our policyholders for a period of one year, within the scope of limits, explanations and general exceptions specified in the detailed product documentation.

Assistance services vary according to the selected package.

Access more detailed information about the product at

Click here for Personal Accident Insurance General Conditions.

Why Katılım Emeklilik?

Katılım Emeklilik is a distinguished company in the sector with an innovative approach in interest-free private pension schemes and insurance, modern and technological investments, and a customer-oriented service approach.

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