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Critical Illness Insurance provides guarantee against death and critical illnesses. The guarantees are as follows:

  • Death Coverage; is paid as a death indemnity to the beneficiary of the insured, or legal heirs of the insured if no beneficiary is determined, as specified in the policy in the event that the insured passes away within the term of the insurance.
  • Critical Illness Guarantee:; the amount of the guarantee specified on the policy is paid by Katılım Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. upon the occurrence of the risk when you submit a written document of proof that you have been diagnosed or undergone surgery for the first time in your life due to the below-mentioned critical illnesses on a date later than the starting date of the guarantee. This guarantee covers 3 critical illnesses:
    • 1. Cancer
    • 2. Acute myocardial Infarction (heart attack)
    • 3. Stroke due to an illness

The Benefits of Kuveyt Türk Critical Illness Insurance

  • You can receive medical treatment from the institutions within your health insurance or outside your social security coverage.
  • You can simultaneously benefit from the payments and immunities within your health insurance or social security coverage.
  • You can make changes or additions to your house or car if required by your health condition.
  • You can meet child, family and household expenses.
  • You can meet the expenses of special travel and residence, if necessary.
  • You can benefit from personal care and life support services.
  • You can plan less and more flexible work hours for yourself.

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Critical Illness Coverages and Sample Premium Table According to Age

Guarantees Eco Package Standard Package Maximum Package
Death 12,500 ₺ 25,000 ₺ 50,000 ₺
Critical Illnes 50,000 ₺ 100,000 ₺ 200,000 ₺

Critical Illness Insurance Age - Package Premium Pricing

Age Eco Package Standard Package Maximum Package
18 54 ₺ 108 ₺ 216 ₺
25 85 ₺ 171 ₺ 341 ₺
35 150 ₺ 300 ₺ 600 ₺
45 375 ₺ 750 ₺ 1500 ₺
55 1087 ₺ 2174 ₺ 4347 ₺
65 2631 ₺ 5262 ₺ 10524 ₺

NOTE: The premiums stated are given considering that there is no problem in the health claims of the individuals. Premium amounts may vary for different health claims and different ages.


Why Katılım Emeklilik?

Katılım Emeklilik is a distinguished company in the sector with an innovative approach in interest-free private pension schemes and insurance, modern and technological investments, and a customer-oriented service approach.

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