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With Credit-Linked Individual Accident Insurance, you will not leave your loved ones in a difficult situation due to your debt to the bank in the event of a possible accidental disability and accidental death. Your remaining loan amount is paid by the insurer.

Reduced Balance Coverage 

Since reduced balance coverage guarantees as much as your debt, the premium amount is lower compared to other fixed-balance products.

Easy Application

In order to be insured, all you have to do is contact any Kuveyt Türk branch.


Permanent Disability as a Result of an Accident (PROPERTY): It is paid if the policy holder suffers complete, and permanent disability as a result of an accident, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the General Conditions of Individual Accident Insurance.

Accidental Death (AD): In the event of the death of one of the policy holder as a result of an accident, in addition to the death guarantee written in the attached list, an accidental death guarantee is paid to the predetermined beneficiaries or, if no beneficiaries have been appointed, to the legal heirs in proportion to the inheritance shares.

Insurance Coverage

Credit-Linked Individual Accident Insurance provides coverage for accidental disability and accidental death, equal to the amount of credit you use during the credit period. During this period, the amounts of coverage for accidental disability and accidental death are equal to each other.

Who Can Benefit From It

Kuveyt Turk real person customers between the age of 18-64, who take loans in individual segments, can benefit from this product.

Duration of Insurance

Duration of insurance is the same as the term specified in the loan agreement.

Factors Affecting the Premium

  • Your age
  • Your loan term
  • Premium Payment Form (in advance/monthly/yearly)
  • Your loan amount

Payment Methods

The premium in Credit-Linked Individual Accident Insurance may be paid in advance, annually, or in 12 installments in the first year with automatic payment order from the customer's bank account or by credit card.

Out of Scope Cases

  • Warfare or warlike operations, revolutions, riots, rebellions or civil strifes arising from these,
  • Participation in strikes, lock outed labor movements, civil commotions, fights,
  • Committing crimes and murders or attempting to these,
  • The policy holder willfully participating in actions that will expose them to serious danger, except for saving belongings and properties that are in danger,
  • All damages that will occur due to the biological and/or chemical pollution, infection or poisoning that take place as a result of the acts of terror specified in the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713 and sabotage arising from these acts; or the interventions done by authorized organs in order to prevent these acts and reduce their effects.
  • Using nuclear risks or nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; or any kind of attack and sabotage that will lead to the release of nuclear, biological and chemical substances,
  • Participating the acts of terror and sabotages connected with those acts specified in the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713
  • All expenses not incurred as a result of an accident covered by insurance,
  • Officially declared epidemics and quarantine
  • Using and riding motorcycles and outboard-cycles,
  • Deep-sea fishing and battue, wild animal hunting such as wild boar and hunting in the high mountains,
  • Mountaineering done by climbing the mountains and glaciers, all sports played on snow or ice (such as skiing, skating, hockey and curling*); javelin game, show jumping, polo, rugby, fencing, weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, basketball, football and sailing; heavy and dangerous gymnastic movements and professional sports,
  • Speed and strength races at all kinds of sports competitions,
  • Flight in the air with a title apart from the passenger title,
  • Floods, eruptions of volcanoes and landslides.
  • Except for the damages specified in subclause (e) of the Article 5 and participating the acts of terror and sabotage specified in subclause (g) of the same article, interventions occurred as a result of acts of terror and sabotage specified in the Anti-Terror Law No. 3713; or done in order to prevent these acts and reduce their effects by the authorized organs.

In-Scope Cases

The death and disability status of accident that will occur as a result of earthquakes are also included in the insurance coverage.