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What is Full Participation Health Insurance? 

It is a Complementary Health Insurance product that guarantees additional fees received in private health institutions contracted with the Social Security Institution (SSI). Full Participation Health Insurance guarantees the additional fees that may arise while the general health policy holder, covered by Social Security Institution, and their dependent persons receive health service from health institutions contracted with the Katılım Emeklilik within the scope of Health Insurance General Conditions and Full Participation Health Insurance Special Conditions.
  • In order to benefit from Full Participation Health Insurance, you just need to apply to the nearest Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank branch.
  • You can pay your participation premium payments in advance via all credit cards with Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank.
  • You can access the detailed information about the product on website.

Why Is Full Participation Health Insurance Required?

It guarantees the fee difference that you will pay in case of receiving outpatient or inpatient medical care as a result of any health problem or accident.

Who can benefit from Full Participation Health Insurance?

  • Citizens of Republic of Türkiye and foreign citizens who have the right to general health insurance under the Social Security Institution may benefit from the Full Participation Health Insurance.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in written by the Participation Retirement, people residing within the borders of T.R. are accepted for insurance. This insurance covers individuals older than 15 days and younger than 59 years old.

  • Although the children older than 15 days or younger than 18 years are not insured alone, children in this age range may be insured with at least one parent.

  • If requested, dependent unmarried children of a policy holder may be included in the insurance coverage based on the SSI admission criteria.

Is there also maternity guarantee in the Full Participation Health Insurance policy?

No maternity guarantee is offered.

What guarantees does Full Participation Health Insurance?

           Inpatient Treatment
  • Emergency medical expenses and minor interventions
  • Surgical or internal hospitalization
  • Intensive care unit
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiotherapy
  • Dialysis
  • Coronary angiography expenses are covered unlimitedly and 100%.

    Outpatient Treatment
  • Medical examination
  • Laboratory services
  • Monitoring and advanced diagnostic methods
  • Physical therapy (with a limit of TRY 2,000 per year) expenses are covered 100%, limited to a 8 cases per year.
Ground Ambulance
In case of sudden illness, accident, injury and similar emergency situations, you can benefit from the Ground Ambulance service for free
by calling 0212 700 17 12.

Also, the expenses of a standard single private room, meals, and one companion are also covered by this guarantee. Surgical supplies and home care services are covered with an annual limit of TRY 30,000.

 * In the provinces where there is no contracted institution, the inpatient treatment is covered with a limit of TRY 10,000 and outpatient treatment is covered with a limit of TRY 1,500.