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New and Second-Hand Car Financing

Kuveyt Türk makes the most advantageous offers to those who want to buy a brand new or second-hand car. Kuveyt Türk buys the car you want and sells it back to you using the instalment type of your choice by adding a profit margin to the purchasing price.

General Features

  • Apart from passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles can also be financed.
  • Financing for brand new and second-hand vehicles is provided to consumers in TL and to businesses in TL and foreign currency indexed loans.
  • The maximum term for new vehicles is 48 months for TL
  • Financing support is provided for second hand vehicle financing up to the age of 10. However, a maximum of 48 monthly installments for vehicles aged 0-5 and a maximum of 36 months for vehicles aged 6-10 will be provided.
  • Minimum advance payment rates may vary depending on type and model.
  • The maximum financing amount in vehicle financing is calculated over the sales value for new vehicles and over the automobile insurance value for second-hand vehicles. Maximum financing rates are as shown in the table:
Rate Restriction
Insurance Value / Sales Value Ratio of Loan Amount to Vehicle Amount
0 TL – 400.000 TL %70
400.001 TL – 800.000 TL %50
800.001 TL – 1.200.000 TL %30
1.200.001 TL – 2.000.000 TL %20
2.000.001 TL and above %0
  • The maturity limitation in vehicle financing is calculated over the sales value of new vehicles and the automobile insurance value of second-hand vehicles. The maturity restriction is as follows:
Maturity Restriction
Insurance Value (For 2nd Hand Vehicle) / Sales Value (For New Vehicle)  Maturity Upper Limit (Month)
0 TL – 400.000 TL 48
400.001 TL – 800.000 TL 36
800.001 TL – 1.200.000 TL 24
1.200.001 TL – 2,000.000 TL 12
2.000.001 TL and above No use will be made.

Motorcycle Finance

Owning a motorcycle and enjoying the freedom and rush of the wind as you whiz past the traffic is no longer a dream. All you need to do is choose the motorcycle you want and knock on Kuveyt Türk’s door!

General Features

  • You can use your credit in TL.
  • The term is a maximum of 48 months.
  • For new motorcycles, the maturity and down payment rates are the same as for the vehicles.
  • A proforma invoice is valid for the use of this financing.

Visit our closest branch or call 444 0 123 / 0850 251 0 123 Kuveyt Türk Call Center for detailed information on our products and services.

Finance Calculation

Term Month

Allocation fee shall be collected in cash from the customer. Total amount to be paid does not include the financing allocation fee. This table is for information purposes only. It does not bind Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank A.Ş. any way.

Instalment Amount
Total Amount
To Be Paid
Monthly Profit Rate
Detailed Information and Payment Plan