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  • Sağlam Card comes in three tiers; Classic, Gold and Platinum.
  • It works differently to other credit cards you may be used to, allowing you to take advantage of firsthand discount opportunities and savings at contracted stores.
  • And with its instalment and Gold Points features, it also lightens your shopping load.
  • Customers regularly spending 200TL in each every statement period and above over 12 months and paying off their outstanding balance on time will receive Gold Points worth 50TL.
  • Health and education sector payments are divided into 5 interest-free equal instalments.*
  • For emergency cash needs you can use Sağlam Card’s cash advance feature.
  • With Sağlam Card you can easily divide all your expenses into instalments, excepting mobile phone purchase, fuel, supermarket and food, jewelry, mobile phone top up, tax, invoice and insurance payments.
  • With Saglam Card, you can quickly spend up to 750 TL without entering a password. For transactions over 750 TL, a password must be entered.
  • There is no fee for getting the Sağlam Card.
  • The minimum payment rate for Sağlam Card balances is 100%. In other words, the customer must pay their balance off completely.
  • For outstanding amounts, a late penalty is applied at the rate specified in the contract, from the last payment date until the date you make the payment or until the account cutoff date of the next statement. In addition, KKDF and BSMV are added separately.
* You can divide your 250 TL and over education and health expenses you’d like, up to 5 interest-free installments with Sağlam Card after the transaction, via Kuveyt Türk Mobile, without quantity restriction. Transactions will not be divided automatically. The expense must be reflected in current term transactions.


Every day’s a discount day with Sağlam Card!

Use your Sağlam Card at contracted stores and get sizable discounts every day. To take a look at the discounts you could benefit from visit!


Sağlam Card lets you divide your domestic payments into however many instalments you like. Please click to see instalment calculation tool. 

  • With Sağlam Card you can split any transaction of 100TL and over into instalments and choose the number of instalments yourself.
  • Sağlam Card divides health and education sector payments into 5 equal instalments.

Define and Change Your Number of Instalments

  • Call Center (444 0 123)
  • Online Branch (
  • Mobile Banking
  • Send a Text
You can change your number of instalments by texting us from any operator. Write Taksit (meaning “instalment”), leave a space, write the last 4 digits of your card number, leave a space and write the number of instalments you want. Then send it to 2848.

For example: “Taksit 1234 6” >> 2848. You will receive an information message telling you that the number of your instalments has changed.

*In accordance with the Regulation on Bank and Credit Cards regulations and our Banking practice,
In the purchase of Electrical Equipment and Electronics, the maximum number of instalments is 4.

  • For airlines, travel agencies, transportation, accommodation expenses, the maximum number of instalments is 3.
  • For computer hardware, software and service purchases, the maximum number of instalments is 6.
  • For purchases of health products, electrical appliances and furniture, the maximum number of instalments is 9.
  • Transactions for telecommunications, expenses related to direct marketing, overseas expenses, food, groceries, fuel, cosmetics, office equipment, gold, silver, foreign currency, taxes, insurance, invoice payments, membership fees and transactions that do not include a solid commodity or services, such as gift cards and gift checks, cannot be divided into instalments.

In other sectors without installment restrictions, a maximum of 12 installments can be made.

Gold Points

Earn Gold Points with Sağlam Card and save them up or spend them!

  •  You can earn Gold Points from spendings you perform with Sağlam Card. If Gold Points you earn are collected and exceed 10 TL, they are converted to gram gold coin and transferred to your Gold Checking Account. Thus, you can either save your golds or receive them as gram gold coins from our branches or our ATMs that provide gold.
  • Customers regularly spending 200 TL* in every statement period and above over 12 months and pay off your outstanding balance on time** you’ll earn Gold Points worth 50TL. ***

* For installment expenses, the amount of installments reflected in the statement of that period is taken into account. Cash Advance, money transfers from credit card to bank accounts or other bank cards, amounts such as Dividends, KKDF, BSMV, commissions collected by our bank, and amounts that are not reflected in the statement due to the fact that they are made within the statement period but are not reflected in the statement are excluded from the scope when calculating the expenditure amount.
** Our customer should not have unpaid outstanding balance in any credit card belonging to our bank.
*** This feature is only available for Saglam Card.

Cash Advance

Sağlam Card is also there for you when you need emergency cash!

  • With Classic Sağlam Card you can take out a cash advance of up to 10% of your card limit and a maximum of 500TL.
  • With Gold Sağlam Card you can take out a cash advance of up to 10% of your card limit and a maximum of 1000TL.
  • With Platinum Sağlam Card you can take out a cash advance of up to 10% of your card limit and a maximum of 2000TL.
  • A fee of 1% of the cash advance amount withdrawn is charged, limited to a maximum of 3 TL.
  • The withdrawn cash advance must be paid in the first statement.
  • To withdraw a cash advance you must have no outstanding balance.
  • With Platinum Sağlam Card you can take out a cash advance at ATMs in Saudi Arabia and there is no fee fort this transaction.

Assistance Services

Whether your car breaks down or you need a locksmith, Sağlam Card is always by your side!

Card Instalment Calculation Tool

Split your expenses into instalments, choose the number of instalments to suit you.

Calculate Now