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  • Now you can choose an easy and secure payment method for your online purchases by adding your Kuveyt Türk cards* to MasterPass once** without entering your card number.
  • Masterpass is a digital solution that allows you to pay quickly and easily with just a click at businesses where you see the Masterpass logo by storing your card information securely in the Mastercard® infrastructure.  

How to become a MasterPass member?

  • By registering your card details via the website  ( )
  • By checking the "Save my card to Masterpass" box when you are on the payment step with credit and/or debit card on the website, mobile website, or mobile applications of the merchants where you see the Masterpass logo.
*Cards with Mastercard, Visa, and TROY logos can be added to Masterpass.
**It is valid on e-commerce sites contracted with MasterPass.