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This special offer is exclusive to Kuveyt Türk Campus members who recently became Kuveyt Türk clients.

You can find the campaign details below:
  • You can get a TRY 250 refund for your first online purchase of TRY 500 or above.
  • Sağlam Card Campus and Sağlam Card Young qualify for the campaign.
  • The maximum earning for Sağlam Card expenses is TRY 250.
  • The campaign is on customer basis.
  • We Pay Half campaign is valid until 30th June 2024.
  • Your Gold Point balance will be converted to gold and transferred to your account on the statement date.
  • We Pay Half cannot be combined with other campaigns.
  • Kuveyt Türk reserves the right to modify or terminate the campaign without prior notice.

Who Can Benefit from the Campaign?

University students between 18 and 25 can benefit from the Campus program. Click on the Open an Account on Kuveyt Türk Mobile to become a Kuveyt Türk member.

How Can I Join the Campus Program

You can follow these steps to join the Campus program:
  1. Click on the "Campus" tab on Kuveyt Türk Mobile,
  2. Enter your student's barcode number into the relevant section – you can learn your student's barcode number from e-Government,
  3. Proceed to join the program.
Join the Campus program now and let Kuveyt Türk cover half of your first purchase with the We Pay Half campaign!