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What is Campus?

Become a Kuveyt Türk Campus member to enjoy advantageous benefits!

Apply for Sağlam Card Campus

Campus members can apply for Sağlam Card Campus and enjoy many benefits without paying a card fee!

We Pay Half

With our We Pay Half campaign, Kuveyt Türk will pay half of your purchases!

Invite a Friend & Get TRY 1000

Kuveyt Türk Campus members can now earn TRY 1,000 by inviting their friends to become Kuveyt Türk members!

Gold Points for Each Payment

Campus members earn Gold Points for each payment with many special offers!

Get 10% off Your Grocery Shop!

Enjoy a special discount on groceries with this campaign exclusive to Campus members!

Get a 10% Discount at Restaurants!

With our Get a 10% Discount at Restaurants campaign, you can enjoy special discounts for your restaurant purchases!