Pension Payments

Pension Payments

Kuveyt Türk eases the lives of employers paying their employees’ wages, as well as the retired waiting hours to their pension!

Pension Payments

If you are retired subject to SSI (Social Insurance Institution), Retirement Fund and Bağkur, you can easily withdraw your pension from Kuveyt Türk branches and ATMs.

If you want to transfer your pension to Kuveyt Türk;

  • You can make the change on with the e-State password you can obtain from PTT
  • Or you can change your bank by applying to your Social Security Institution (SGK) Provincial Directorate with a petition

Kuveyt Türk delivers the pensions of retired customers to their residence if they cannot come to the branch due to health problems.

Pension Delivered to Address Service Criteria

  • A demand form is received from the relevant customer or their relative with notarized power of attorney.
  • The customer must prove that he/she is unable to come to the branch with a general health report.
  • Pensions are delivered only to the address specified in the application/demand form.