Banking Services

Which branches have Arabic-speaking staff?

We currently have Arabic-speaking staff at the Osmanbey and Fındıkzade branches in Istanbul, the Mersin and Mezitli branches in Mersin, and the Gaziantep branch in Gaziantep.

I want to open an account. What documents are required?

You can open an account by applying to our branches with your passport, tax number from the tax office (Turkish ID Number), and residence permit. If you have no residence permit, you can also apply with the certified translation of a notarised document which we can use to verify your open address. For our Kuwaiti customers: Passport, ID card, and tax number.

Why is there a block when opening an account?

In order to prevent the continuous opening and closing of accounts in order to get a residence permit, a 3-month block period is applied. A block is also placed on providing a credit card.

Can I receive the information or promotion SMS messages on my mobile phone in Arabic or English?

No. The SMS notifications sent by our bank are currently sent only in Turkish.

I do not want to carry my passport with me for security reasons. Despite having my residence permit recorded in my account, I experience problems when I go to the branch to withdraw money. What should I do?

If there is a photo on your registered residence permit, and the permit has not expired, you can complete your transactions without any problem. Otherwise in order to withdraw money, you need to go to the branch along with either your residence permit bearing your photo or with your passport.

Can you please give me detailed information on your safe-deposit sizes and pricing?

For detailed information on safe-deposit box sizes and pricing, please visit:

Why am I unable to transfer money from my Dollar account to my Turkish Lira account?

Money can be transferred between accounts of the same currency type. You can transfer funds from your Turkish Lira account to your other Turkish Lira account, or from your Dollar account to your other Dollar account.

What information is required to transfer money and what is the additional number detail?

If a transfer is going to be made in Turkey, the IBAN or account number, additional account number and the branch code is required for the account to which the transfer will be made. If a transfer is going to be made from abroad, our bank’s Swift code and the account IBAN will be required. The additional number is a number identified individually for each different currency unit, deposit or drawing account linked to the main account.

How can I learn my IBAN?

You can find out your IBAN by logging on to the Online Branch, calling the Kuveyt Türk Call Center on 444 0 123, or from the Kuveyt Türk website by entering your account number. For detailed information, please visit:

What is the Swift and bank code for Kuveyt Türk?

Our code for swift transactions is KTEFTRIS, and the BIC code is 205.

What are my daily transaction limits?

In the event no extra limit is assigned, you can transfer up to 15,000 Turkish Liras daily, 75,000 Turkish Liras monthly, or the equivalent amounts in Dollars or Euros. For detailed information, you can visit our page at:

I need to make an urgent transfer, I would like to increase my EFT limits. How can I do this?

EFT limits can be increased at the branch where your account was opened. You can contact your branch to request a limit increase.

Why do I not receive an SMS when I receive a transfer to my account, or when money is withdrawn from that account?

You can call Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123 to activate SMS notification services.

Where can I find the total chart of fees taken for banking transactions?

The actual fees taken since 21.04.2017 can be found here. The fees that will be taken after 16.02.2018 can be found also here.

Atm Transactions

How can I see the language option at ATMs?

To see the language options, insert your card in the ATM slot and enter 9 on the first screen that comes up.

Is the code required the first time I use my card at the ATM, the PIN for the ATM card?

The code number requested from you at the ATMs is also the PIN for your ATM card.

Why is my ATM card blocked?

We have implemented a new security measure at our ATMs. This requires the entry of any two digits of your date of birth. If you fail to code it correctly, your ATM card will be blocked.

I entered the date asked at the ATM, but why didn’t it work?

You will be asked two digits of your date of birth for any transactions you make at our ATMs for account security. Make sure you enter the required parts of your date of birth correctly.

Despite having money in my account, I cannot withdraw money from the ATM, can I have my block removed?

You can have the block removed by calling your branch.

Card Transactions

I would like to get a credit card. What should I do?

You need to go to the branch and make an application. In order to be eligible for a credit card, your need to have your account balance blocked to the amount of your requested limit. Following this process, your card will be delivered within 2-3 days.

I would like to increase my credit card limit. What should I do?

First, you need to go to your branch and have a block placed on your account, equal to the limit increase you require. Then you can call Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123 to create a request for a limit increase.

I would like to decrease my credit card limit. What should I do?

You can call Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123 to create a request for a limit decrease. Once your limit is decreased, you can go to your branch to have the block on the decreased limit lifted from your account.

I want the block placed on my account for my credit card to be removed. What should I do?

First you will need to go to your branch and pay off your total credit card debt. The blocked amount on your card will be removed by the branch within 1 day after the completion of the payment process.

My credit card limit is not high enough. I have a positive balance in my account but my debit card is not valid. I need to shop urgently. What can I do?

You can transfer the TL balance in your account to your credit card. You can then spend as much as the amount you transferred.

My account has been blocked so that I can get a credit card. But the block on my account is higher than the limit assigned to my card. Why?

You can call Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123 to request a limit increase.

Can your cards be used abroad?

Your cards bearing the Visa logo can be used abroad. However you must have money in your main TL account.

Can my credit card debt be paid automatically?

If your credit card debt is not paid by the due date, it shall be automatically withdrawn from the account. If there is foreign currency in the account, payment is made by conversion of the foreign currency.

Will the block be removed if I cancel my credit card, and if so, how long will it take for the block to be removed?

Yes, it will. The block will be removed within an average of 2 days after discussing the matter with your branch.

I applied for a credit card but my application was rejected. Why am I not eligible to get a credit card?

We are only able to provide our customers, in relation to credit cards, information as to the status of acceptance or rejection. No explanation can be given regarding the reason for rejection.

Can I use the credit card abroad?

Credit card can be used both domestically and abroad.


How can I apply for finance for purchasing housing or vehicle? What are your conditions and the documents required?

We provide 50% of the value determined by the expert sent to the house you are interested in buying. The remaining 50% is collected from you in advance. The maximum repayment term for the loan is 60 months. You can contact your branch for details and calculations. For vehicle finance, you can visit our branch and find out the current details.

Internet and Mobile Branch Transactions

I want to use Internet banking, how can I use it and what is my username?

Our personal banking customers can call Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123 and get their Online Banking and Mobile Branch passwords. The customer number is the username. The password and customer number are sufficient to login. If our corporate customers are going to get their Internet banking password for the first time, they can do so from our branches. The username is set at the branch.

How do I login to Online Banking for the first time?

You can login from the Online Banking menu at the top right corner on the page, by selecting Personal or Corporate banking. Personal banking customers may use Online Banking by entering their customer number and password, while corporate customers can do so by additionally entering their username.

Can the ATM PIN, Online Banking and Mobile Branch passwords be identical, and how many characters should they consist of?

The ATM PIN must consist of four digits, and the Mobile and Online passwords must consist of eight digits. The Online and Mobile Branch passwords are the same.

How can I change my Online Banking password?

You can change your password from the Change Password section under the Settings menu on the Online Banking page. If you do not remember your password, you can change your password by calling Kuveyt Türk Call Center at 444 0 123.

What is the secret word?

It is a 6-character word formed for security at first login to the Online Branch. It is a security process that requires two characters only during a transaction at the Online and Mobile Branch.

Why is a secret word created?

Your secret word is requested for the security of your account details when making money transfers.

How can I delete my secret word?

You can delete your secret word from the Change Secret Word section under the Settings menu on the Online Banking page.

I want to change my primary telephone number for Online Banking transactions. How can I do this?

If you have two numbers saved in your details, you will need to visit your branch to change your primary number. If you are overseas, you can request the change by calling your branch.

How are foreign exchange transactions and money transfers made?

You can make your buying and selling transactions from the Foreign Currency/Precious Metals menu on the Online Banking Page. You can make your transfer and EFT transactions from the Money Transfer menu. However, you must know the recipient’s IBAN or account number.

How are accounts opened?

You can open any type of new account you want from the Open Account section under the My Accounts menu on the Online Banking page.

Why is there a filter on the My Accounts menu on the Online Banking Page?

A filter is applied to prevent too much information about your accounts from being viewed.

Can I make online money transfers in Dollars, Euros or Turkish Lira?

Yes, you can do make transfers through our Online Branch. For Turkish Lira: All transactions can be done by going to the Money Transfers section from the All Transactions menu, and selecting the To Account or to IBAN options. For Foreign Currency: All transactions can be done by going to the Money Transfers section from the All Transactions menu, and selecting the To Account (Swift) or to IBAN (Swift) options. However, our Syrian customers can make money transfers only within Turkey and only in Turkish Lira.

How much money can I send to another account from the Online Branch?

There is a standard limit for all accounts; however, if this limit is insufficient, you can visit your branch and request a limit increase.

How can I pay my bills?

You can pay your bills through our Online Branch. You can pay your bills with our partner institutions from the Pay Bills section under Payments in the All Transactions menu.

Can I make an automatic payment request?

Yes, you can make an automatic payment request from our Online Branch. You can create an automatic payment request from the New Request section under Payments in the All Transactions menu.

I want to transfer funds overseas. What do I need to do?

You can transfer funds overseas from the Foreign Currency Transfer section under the Money Transfers menu on the Online Banking Page.

I am sending Dollars from the Mobile Branch, why is it not going to the recipient?

You cannot make Swift transactions from the Mobile Branch, but EFT transactions can be made between Kuveyt Türk accounts.

Is there a fee for online banking transfers for foreign currency transactions such as Dollars or Euro?

A commission fee is applied for transfers in foreign currency transactions from Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank to another bank or account or to Kuveyt Türk account.

What transactions can I make with identified recipients?

You can make your money transfers a lot easier with your identified recipients.

I have a joint account, why can’t I see my account activities using Online Banking?

You can access your joint account by logging into the Online Branch from your personal banking account.

International Transactions

Can I withdraw money from my account while abroad?

Yes, you can. If you have foreign currency in your account and want to withdraw it, you first need to convert the foreign currency in the account to TL and transfer it to your main account. Then you can withdraw your money from an ATM in the currency of the country you are currently in. A 1.5%+3 TL commission fee is applied for this transaction.

Can I receive money to my account from abroad?

Yes, you can. However, transactions of Syrian citizens are subject to the approval of the negotiating bank.

Can I send money overseas from my account?

Yes, you can. However, since the transactions of Syrian citizens are subject to the approval of the negotiating bank, they cannot transfer foreign currency overseas. In Turkey, they may transfer foreign currency only between Kuveyt Türk accounts. For any banks other than Kuveyt Türk, they can make EFTs only in TL.

Can I send money to a country other than Turkey?

If the recipient also has an account with our bank, you may, otherwise you may not.

What details are required when making transfers to Turkey from abroad?

The Swift code (KTEFTRIS), CODE (205) and IBAN are required.

What is the commission fee for EFT and Swift transactions?

EFT transactions are free of charge The commission fee for Swift transactions differs based on the amount sent. The commission fee for foreign currency transfers made from the Online Branch is minimum 15 USD and maximum 250 USD. The commission is 1/1000th of the total.

Can I withdraw money from your branch in Germany? Can I send money to an account at this branch, or can they send money to me? If yes, is there a commission fee or charge for this transaction?

We have an agency in Germany, not a branch. You can only open accounts through our agency. It is not possible to make money transfers such as transfer transactions between Kuveyt Türk accounts. Swift transactions are possible between accounts like the money transfers to abroad. Since approval of the negotiator bank is required for Swift, as with other banks, there is a cost or a commission fee involved. International money transfer flow is applicable for Syrian refugees.

I will be receiving money in my name through MoneyGram. I want the amount to be transferred to my account. How can I do this?

You can transfer the money received through MoneyGram once you visit your branch and confirm the transaction. International money transfer flow is applicable for Syrian refugees.

I want to shop from an overseas online shopping site with the balance in my foreign currency account. But it is not working. Why?

Since POS devices are only able to see the main TL account, you cannot shop even if you have a balance in your foreign currency account. You use the balance in your foreign currency account to shop by transferring it to your TL deposit account.

I shopped from an overseas online shopping site. However, the amount they withdrew from my card/account seems to be higher than my shopping total. Why?

After shopping, the relevant amount is held in provision; there may be an exchange rate difference at the time it is added to the term activities as it is converted to TL. Hence, since the difference in exchange rate cannot be guessed in advance, the block applied is higher than the shopping total. If at the time it is reflected on term activities, there is a surplus amount, that will be refunded to the customer’s deposit account.