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Investment Funds are the valorization of the savings collected in a pool by a professional fund manager using the balanced distribution of the risk to various capital market instruments, such as stocks and debt instruments. The participant in the fund benefits as much from the returns as the amount of participation.

You can easily perform investment fund purchase and sale transactions at our branches and Online Branch by opening at Investment Account at Kuveyt Türk.

General Features

  • If you have savings, you can benefit from the security investment requiring expertise by participating in an Investment Fund through a professional fund manager.
  • Investment funds containing more than 51% stock have 0% tax advantage. 10% withholding is applied to funds with less than 51% stock.
  • Different capital market instruments are used in the valorization of investment funds. Thus, the market risk is distributed and a safe investment is ensured.
  • An Investment Fund is an easily cashable investment instrument.
  • The assets of the Investment Funds are under the guarantee of BIST Clearing and Storage Bank Inc. (Takasbank), independent from the assets of the founder and manager.

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