E-Invoice, E-Archive, E-Account Book

e invoice

With Kuveyt Türk, your invoicing is faster and less costly in electronic media!

E-invoice is a form of electronic document with the same legal qualifications and information as paper invoice. Technical standards of e-invoices have been determined by the Ministry of Finance Revenue Administration. Kuveyt Türk offers e-invoice services to its customers as a Private Integrator and Custodian with approval granted from the Revenue Administration (GİB).

The e-invoice is created and signed in electronic form in accordance with the requirements of the form determined by GIB. It is then passed to the buyer through the central inspection of GİB and is stored again in the electronic environment.


Kuveyt Türk e-Archive user companies will be able to send invoices to non-taxable real persons via e-mail or SMS.

Kuveyt Türk offers E-Archive (Electronic Archive) service to its customers with the approval given by the Revenue Administration. With E-Archive Invoice application, companies can send e-Invoices to invoice receivers registered on e-Invoice application; and e-Archive invoices to invoice receivers that are not registered on e-Invoice application. Taxpayers who are not registered on the E-Invoice application and real persons who are not taxpayers have the convenience of sending invoices electronically if they request.

In addition, E-Archive invoices can also be transmitted as paper, if desired.

E-Account Book

Kuveyt Türk offers E-Account Book (Electronic Account Book) service to its customers with the approval given by the Revenue Administration.

It is the whole of legal and technical regulations aiming at enabling the preparation of the books which are compulsory in accordance with the provisions of the E-Book, the Tax Procedures Law and the Turkish Commercial Code in the form of electronic files in accordance with the formats and standards determined by the Revenue Administration (GİB), their registration without printing, guaranteeing their integrity and invariance and accurate sources and the possibility of being used as a means of proof in the presence of the relevant authorities. First, the daybook and the ledgers were included in the electronic account book.

Kuveyt Türk, Gelir İdaresi Başkanlığı tarafından verilen onay ile müşterilerine E-Defter (Elektronik Defter) hizmetini sunar.

E-Account Book is the whole of electronic records covering the information required to be included in the books required to be kept in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and / or the Turkish Commercial Code, irrespective of the provisions of form.


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