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Say hello to the extraordinary banking experience! With Self Point, Kuveyt Türk’s new banking solution, you can easily handle your banking transactions. Developed entirely from domestic internal sources, Self Point is as practical as an ATM with a high-security interactive private digital device and is as rich as a branch. You can connect to Self Point machines with English, Arabic and Sign Language options and perform your banking transactions easily in your own language.

What can I do at Self Point?

By connecting to Self Point Call Center official with Self Point, you can perform many banking services in minutes.

What are the Transaction Amount Limits at Self Point?

In terms of your security, you can make transactions at Kuveyt Türk Self Points within the following limits:

Transaction Type Daily Limit Monthly Limit Description
Cash Withdrawal 100,000 TRY - -
Cash Deposit 200,000 TRY - -
Money Transfers 500,000 TRY 3,000,000 TRY These limits apply to transfers and EFT/RPS transactions. There is no limit restriction for transfer from accounts and EFT/RPS transactions.
Transfer Payment 100,000 TRY 2,000,000 TRY  
Foreign Currency Purchase/Sale 1,500,000 TRY
500,000 €
500,000 $
30,000,000 TRY
10,000,000 €
10,000,000 $
Monthly transaction limit is 10,000 pieces
Precious Metal Purchase/Sale 1,000,000 TRY
10,000 Grams Gold
10,000 Grams Platinum
800,000 Grams Silver
20,000,000 TRY
200,000 Grams Gold
200,000 Grams Platinum
16,000,000 Grams Silver
Monthly transaction limit is 10,000 pieces
Collections/Payments 20,000 TRY 200,000 TRY Rental payments are excluded.
Moneygrams 20,000 TRY
10,000 €
10,000 $
400,000 TRY
200,000 €
200,000 $
Sending and Payment
Arbitraj 1,500,000 TRY
500,000 €
500,000 $
15,000 Grams Gold
30,000,000 TRY
10,000,000 €
10,000,000 $
300,000 Grams Gold
Monthly transaction limit is 10,000 pieces
Rental Collections 150,000 TRY 500,000 TRY  
SWIFT 150,000 TRY
50,000 €
50,000 $
3,000,000 TRY
1,000,000 €
1,000,000 $

While using the Self Point;

  • Do not leave your ID or papers at the device.
  • At the end of the transaction, do not forget your card.
  • Inform Field Support Personnel in the event of an unusual situation.
  • Do not forget your precious items.
  • Keep the cabin door closed during the transaction.
  • Call 444 0 123 Call Center if your card is confiscated.
  • Make sure you place the banknotes in the slot in an orderly fashion when depositing money.
  • If you are withdrawing money, do not leave your money in the dispenser.
  • Inform Field Support Personnel in case of a problem.
  • Place the documents you signed into an envelope, then to the document box.
  • Do not share your password with anybody.
  • In case of any problem, you can call 444 0 123 Call Center.
  • Remember that video conversations are recorded.

XTM Locations

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