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Kuveyt Türk has your virtual assistant, who can chat with you to help carry out your banking transactions!

Going live through artificial intelligence technology, constantly improving its skills and learning new things, your virtual assistant is at your disposal at our digital channels.

How To Contact With Selim?

You can contact it 24/7 via the following channels:

•      Kuveyt Türk Mobile

•      Kuveyt Türk Online Branch


•      WhatsApp at 444 0 123.

You can view it through website and online branch using Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera browsers.

iOS users may view it after activation on the Mobile Branch.

Users with up-to-date application browsers of Android 7.0 and above are able to view it on the Mobile Branch after activation.

What To Do With Selim?

•      Selim can answer all your questions either in writing or audibly.

•      It can guide you step-by-stem through a great number of transactions, such as those related to account, card, financing, password, money transfer, credit card payments, bill payments, and other payment transactions.

•      For you, it can make any financing, card and profit share calculations.

•      It can provide instant exchange information and make exchange rate calculations.

•      It can easily find out location of the nearest Branches and ATMs.

•      You can chat with our virtual assistant Selim, having enjoyable time.