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Additional functions and measures developed by the Kuveyt Türk Online Branch for your safety are as follows:

Two-Phase Login Screen: : In order to access the Online Branch, first enter the customer number and password. The next screen prompts you to give your Mobile Acceptance or to enter one-time password if you do not have mobile application. If you are using Mobile Signature, you will be asked to login with that on the password screen.

Virtual Keyboard: It provides security by preventing the theft of your passwords against the risk of Keylogger programs installed on computers in general public places such as internet cafes.

Mobile Signature: In accordance with Electronic Signature Law No. 5070, this is a service that authenticates the equivalent of a wet signature in electronic environments. You can get this service using Turkcell GSM SIM card. You can use Mobile Signature partially or completely at Kuveyt Türk Online Branch. For mobile signature usage only, only mobile signature is used instead of password is not used in transactions requiring approval. For both password and mobile signature usage, you can log in by selecting one of the password or mobile signature options when you enter the Online Branch. Users who enter with a mobile signature have their operation confirmed by the mobile signature.

Transaction Limits: You can reduce your online transaction limits at the Online Branch. However, you need to contact 444 0 123 Call Center or your branch to increase the limit.

IP Restriction/Country IP Restriction: If you wish you can contact the Online Branch or 444 0 123 Call Center and make your Online Branch accessible only from the IP range that you specify. To add or remove restrictions you can go to IP Restrictions from the Settings/Constraints Menu via the Online Branch and increase your Online Branch security.

Account Restriction: You can choose to grant only monitoring rights to accounts on your Online Branch and close any monetary transactions. To remove the restrictions, contact 444 0 123 Call Center or your branch.

Defined Recipient Limitation: For money transfer transactions made at the Online Branch, you can make money transfers only to existing defined receivers. To remove the restrictions, contact 444 0 123 Call Center or your branch.

Time Control: With the transaction authority feature you can set a particular time period and turn off permission for transactions made at the Online Branch outside of the time period you define. To remove the restrictions, contact 444 0 123 Call Center or your branch.