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With the "Letter of Guarantee Menu" added to the Corporate Internet Branch,  Kuveyt Türk's corporate customers can easily apply for a letter of guarantee from the internet without coming to the branch.

How can I make a Letter of Guarantee Application from the Internet Branch?

  • Kuveyt Türk Corporate Internet Branch is entered.
  • The "Letter of Guarantee Application Menu "located under the "Letter of Guarantee" on the "Applications Menu" is selected. The letter of guarantee information is entered into the system.
  • After the application is confirmed, the guarantee letter is received from the selected branch.
  • The status of the collateral letter made can be followed from the Collateral Application Monitoring menu which is under the Letter of Guarantee menu.

Important notes:

  • Only our corporate customers can apply for a letter of guarantee from the Internet Branch.
  •  Applications can only be made for letters of guarantee to be given to the public contract no. 4734 and 2886.
  • Customers who want to use this service should have signed the Online Finance Forms and Online Finance GKS forms in our branches.
  • Applications can only be made through the Corporate Internet Branch.