We Leave Reference Books into the Future

We Leave Reference Books into the Future

Kuveyt Türk also supports the efforts to keep the cultural heritage alive by means of books.

These books include two large size prestigious books ‘Kaybolan Meslekler’ (Disappearing Craft) and ‘Kaybolan Çesmeler’ (Disappearing Fountains).

On the other hand, the book ‘Evliya Celebi Road to Hajj’ (Evliya Çelebi Hac Yolu) has been published as a rich reference book together with a documentary and photography exhibition taking place simultaneously with the same name. The book “Grand Mecidiye Mosque and Ortaköy” has been published in order to keep in memory the traces revealed after the restoration works.

Kuveyt Türk recently added to its Cultural Publications in 2016, the child book “Songs of Birds”.

Song of Birds (Mantıku’t Tayr)

The child book “Song of Birds” adapted from the work Mantiku't-Tayr (Language of Birds) written by the famous sufi poet Ferîdüddîn-i Attâr is the mos recent book published by Kuveyt Türk Cultural Publishing. With this story book adorned with miniatures, Kuveyt Türk has aimed at making children like the art of miniature. Hoping that the cultural pieces used in the book would enlarge the perspective of the children, Kuveyt Türk has also performed its duty of loyalty toward the miniature artists, with this book.

Evliya Çelebi Road to Hajj

The book “Evliya Çelebi Road to Hajj” has been published in 2012 as a result of production as a documentary project of Holy Hajj Journey narrated in Volume 9 of Seyahatname (Travel Book), regarded as the most important work of the Famous Turkish Traveler Evliya Çelebi.

Disappearing Crafts

The book “Disappearing Crafts” edited by Serkan Özburun and published in 2006 provides information accompanied by engravings and colorful paintings related to dozens of vanished or endangered crafts from the Ottoman Empire to the present. In the book, artisans and craftsmen who are struggling to stand up against the unlimited needs of human beings are featured with the style and characteristics of their era. 

Disappearing Fountains

Gülşen Kılınçer’s book “Disappearing Fountains” published in 2007 features the stories about the fountains of Istanbul as an integral part of architectural culture related to water, some prominent, some disappeared, broken and some still surviving.