So far, a large number of restoration projects for protecting and saving historical and cultural heritage of Türkiye have been assumed by Kuveyt Türk leaving a number of permanent works such as books and documentaries behind.

Among the restoration works supported by Kuveyt Türk with the responsibility for “protecting the landmark buildings and historical traces in the city” are ‘Grand Ortaköy Mecidiye Mosque’ a very unique historical building that forms the unprecedented silhouette of Istanbul, the tomb of Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi located in Istanbul, ‘Azapkapı Saliha Sultan Fountain’ in Istanbul and ‘Bursa Kozahan Foundation’ in Bursa.

Saliha Sultan Fountain Restoration Works 

Another work restored by Kuveyt Türk as part of the project for recovering the historical assets left to disappear was Istanbul Azapkapı Saliha Sultan Fountain. Saliha Sultan Fountain, which is one of the most beautiful examples of the public fountain of the 18th century and the conquest, was built in 1732-33 by Hassa Mimarbasi Kayserili Mustafa Ağa in the style of Tulip Era. The fountain was restored so as to deliver fresh water in 2006 with the cooperation of Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank and the General Directorate of Foundations.

Bursa Kozahan Historical Water Tank and Fountain Restoration

The restoration of Bursa Kozahan Fountain was carried out in 2008 by Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank under the supervision of the Regional Directorate of Foundations. Within the scope of the works, the mosque and the fountain were restored to the original. Koza Han, located in the wide area between Ulucami and Orhan Mosque, designed by architect Abdul-ula bin Pulad Shah and built in 1492 under the auspice of Sultan Bayezid II.

The restoration of the tomb of the famous composer Itri (Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi), one of the founders of Classical Turkish Music

The restoration of the tomb of the famous composer Itri (Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi), one of the founders of Classical Turkish Music, as located in Edirnekapı Cemetery has been restored in 2006 by Kuveyt Türk and repoened for public visits.

Buhurizade Mustafa Efendi composed works in almost every form of Turkish music; he composed the poems Nabi, Fuzuli, Yahya Nazım and from time to time his own poems, too. He also sang at the fasils in presence of Sultan Mehmed IV at the palace revealing his singing talents as well.