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With Digital Explorer Card, kids will now spend their allowances consciously!


Leading participation finance house in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk invites children to conscious consumption and parents to secure their children's future with its “Digital Explorer” products offered to its customers. What’s more is that the Mission Mars game that both contributes to the scientific development of children and allows them to be familiar with the coding world is presented as a gift to those getting a Digital Explorer Card. 
Leading participation finance institution in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk launched its Digital Explorer products specially designed for children. Thanks to new products consisting of Digital Explorer Participation Account, Digital Explorer Card and Digital Explorer Mobile Application, children now spend their daily allowances in a more planned sense. At the same time, parents enjoy the opportunity to make savings from today for the dreams of their children.
With the Digital Explorer Card, which has been specially designed for Digital Explorer, children can spend within the limits set daily, the card can be used for online shopping or can withdraw money from their account via ATM if cash is needed. The Digital Explorer Mobile App, on the other hand, allows for children to view their account balance and account transactions, thus contributing to personal budget management and the development of financial literacy. The mobile app can be downloaded to all smartphones through Android or iOS operating systems. "Digital Explorer Current Account" and "Digital Explorer Participation Account" offered by Kuveyt Türk allow for children to make their pocket money into savings and their parents to make regular savings for their children.
Mission Mars Game at Kuveyt Turk branches
In addition to all these, Kuveyt Türk also developed Task Mars, the coding game for Digital Explorers, who attach importance to science and technology, who are curious, questioning and who will guide the future. The Mission Mars game both contributes to the scientific development of children and allows them to be familiar with the coding world. Obtaining a Digital Explorer Card is enough to take the Mission Mars Game as a gift.
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