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University students will compete with their ideas in Kuveyt Turk Ideathon


University students will compete with their innovative ideas at Ideathon, organized by Kuveyt Türk, which standing out with innovative products and services, with the theme "Banking of the Future". Individual or team applications may be made to Kuveyt Turk Ideathon until May 30. The Ideathon competition, in which the finalists will be given design thinking course and mentors will be appointed, will be completed on Saturday, June 12th. The finalists will be awarded a total of 40,000 ₺ worth of prizes.
Innovative and leading participation bank in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk organizes an Ideathon contest with the call “Do you have an idea?”, in order to support the development of university students and contribute to their idea for the banking of the future, in collaboration with the career platform Toptalent. Applications to Kuveyt Türk Ideathon, organized with the theme "Banking of the Future", may be made individually or as a team on Toptalent website until Sunday, May 30, 2021.
A Design Thinking Course for Finalists
During the application to the Kuveyt Türk Ideathon Competition, which is still being registered, the contestants are asked to present their ideas. The ideas of the contestants will be evaluated by the Kuveyt Türk executives and the top 20 teams will be determined and announced on 1 June. Semi-finalists will be asked to upload their presentations and videos detailing their ideas to the Toptalent website. Mentors will be assigned to 10 finalist teams and applied Design Thinking Course will be given on June 8 for all competitors.
Awards worth a total of 40,000 TL
An inspiring event will be held on June 11 with the technology and informatics communicator M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu. The final of the Kuveyt Türk Ideathon Competition, where young people will compete their ideas, will be held on Saturday, June 12. The jury members, which include Kuveyt Türk executives and prominent names from different sectors, will listen to the contestants online and evaluate their ideas. In Kuveyt Türk Ideathon, where the winner will be awarded 15,000 TL, the second 9,000 TL, and the third 6,000 TL in cash, 250 TL will be presented to each member of the top 10 teams, a total of 10,000 TL.
"We are waiting for all young people who want to add value to the financial world with their ideas"
Vice President HR Strategy and Digital Transformation of Kuveyt Türk, Aslan Demir said, “As a participation finance institution that has realized the importance of digital channels and digital transformation long beforehand and has implemented important projects for the last 10 years, we attach great importance to supporting innovative ideas. We maintain our leading position in the sector with the steps we take towards technology and innovation. We believe that young people can bring a new breath to banking with their different perspectives and ideas, and we think it is very valuable to open new areas where they can have words in this area. In this context, we think that the Ideathon Competition we organize will be a unique experience for young people. We invite all our young people who want to add value to the financial world with their innovative ideas to Kuveyt Turk Ideathon.”
Due to the epidemic conditions, all university students can apply to the Kuveyt Turk Ideathon, which all stages are carried out online, regardless of university and class. Candidates can participate in the Kuveyt Turk Ideathon Competition by visiting