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Special offers from Kuveyt Türk for those who are customers with video calls


Standing out with innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk launched an attractive campaign for remote customers via video calls.  Until 31 August, those who are Kuveyt Türk customers remotely can withdraw money from shared ATMs three times a month, free of charge, until the end of the year and with Sağlam Nakit Card, they get the opportunity to get a refund for their purchases. Those who have been Kuveyt Türk customers through video calls to date can also benefit from the campaign.
Leading participation finance institution of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk has launched a campaign valid until 31 August for those who become remote customers via video calls. As part of the campaign customers who open an account via video call will be able to withdraw money up to 2,000 TL from shared ATMs three times a month until the end of the year. In addition, until the end of the year, Kuveyt Türk offers its customers 20 TL refunds for the first purchases of 200 TL or more each month with Sağlam Nakit Card. The refund is credited to the customer's account the day after the spend.
“Remote customer acquisition will change many dynamics in the industry”
Kuveyt Türk’s Vice President of Retail Banking, Mehmet Oral said, “With video calls and remote customer acquisition, we are in a new era where no wet signature or going to the branch is required to open an account. With this new service, which we call the method of being a customer mask-free, distance-free and easy, we bring the convenience of being a Kuveyt Türk customer to phone distance in a few minutes. The video call phase of remote account opening processes is completed in 5 minutes. All transactions may be performed in as little as 10 minutes. We think that remote customer service will change many dynamics in the industry in the long run and will be a service that will dominate the industry in the future. By providing our customers with an uninterrupted, easy, fast and smooth experience, we aim to be one of the financial institutions that offer the best customer experience in remote customer service in Türkiye. We wish to meet more customers more closely by expanding our customer base and deepening our customers' relationships with our bank.”
It's easy to open an account via video call
Those who want to be a Kuveyt Türk customer can easily become a customer remotely by video call without going to the branch. It is sufficient for the applicants to have their new type of R.T. identity cards with them during remote meeting, where Turkish citizens residing in Türkiye and older than 18 can apply. Becoming a remote customer can be done from smart phones with NFC (Near Field Communication). In the process of becoming a customer remotely, where a wet signature is not requested, a current account is automatically opened and Kuveyt Türk Sağlam Nakit Card is sent to the declared address. After opening an account, customers immediately start to benefit from the advantages of Kuveyt Türk Mobile.