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Selim, Kuveyt Turk’s digital assistant at work


Innovative and leading participation finance institution in Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk launched Selim, its digital assistant, for helping its customers. Serving customers at Kuveyt Türk's website, the internet branch and mobile, Selim, the digital assistant, successfully fulfills the functions of answering customers' questions, making financial calculations and directing them to menus related to transactions in digital channels. Selim, who has an understanding of participation finance, is able to make 97 percent correct matching in word-based searches.
Standing out with its innovative products and services, Kuveyt Türk has introduced a new one to its digital services. Kuveyt Türk now rushes to help its customers with the digital assistant Selim on its website, internet branch and mobile. The digital assistant Selim, who instantly answers the questions asked by customers about Kuveyt Türk's digital services and products in addition to financial transactions, provides customers with a fast and reliable experience.
“97 percent correct match rate”
Commenting on their newly launched application, Kuveyt Türk’s CEO Ufuk Uyan said, “We are taking pioneering steps in this field by closely following the changing customer expectations and digital developments. With our new digital assistant, Selim, we are delighted to be able to provide a faster and more efficient service to our customers. With this solution, we increase our operational efficiency both at the point of service offering and in sales transactions, while ensuring that our customers can easily purchase services and products that meet their individual needs. With Selim, we not only provide better service to our existing customers, but also increase the number of our customers. Digital assistant Selim answered nearly 3 million questions in more than 1 million inquiries so far. As a result, we witnessed a sharp drop of up to 34 percent in the questions sent to our digital channels for information purposes.  In this way, we are now able to provide a much more efficient service to our customers through our call centers. Selim's success of 97 percent correct matching in word-based searches also reveals the success of this solution we developed. We will increasingly continue our investments in an effort to render our digital assistant Selim more equipped and functional”.
Features natural language processing and interpretation
Digital assistant Selim, developed by Kuveyt Türk together with Sestek, an expert in the field of dialogue-based artificial intelligence applications, understands what customers mean by their expressions thanks to their natural language processing and interpretation features, answering their questions, making financial calculations and directing them to the menus of digital channels related to transactions. In addition, Selim continues to learn and improve himself every day with the digital library. In addition to the website, internet branch and mobile, digital assistant Selim, who will also be serving via WhatsApp in the near future, will also help customers by speaking in the future.