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Markets are now mobile day and night with Kuveyt Türk TradePlus


Innovative participation bank of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk’s new mobile app TradePlus brings to your smartphone the investment instruments such as mutual funds, securities, forex, gold, silver etc. Enabling to monitor Treasury instruments, make transactions at actual prices and place buy-sell orders for 24 hours weekdays as per international interest-free finance principles, TradePlus upgrades the customer experience through its innovative technology synchronized with their bank accounts.
Leading participation bank of Türkiye, Kuveyt Türk continues to make the life easier with its innovative products and services. One of the most recent innovations developed by the bank is TradePlus that brings the markets to smartphones.
Stating that they have gathered all the interest-free Treasury investment instruments in a single platform, thanks to TradePlus, Dr. R. Ahmet Albayrak, Executive Vice President in charge of Kuveyt Türk Treasury and International Banking, was quoted as saying “As Kuveyt Türk, we upgrade the quality of our services offered to our clients through our technology and innovation-focused efforts.  Our new mobile app TradePlus enables all our clients, personal or corporate, to easily monitor investment instruments such as mutual funds, securities, forex, gold, silver etc, make transactions at actual prices and place buy-sell orders.”  
“TradePlus will soon allow for sukuk and forward transactions too”
Emphasizing that they would continue upgrading the app TradePlus allowing to monitor and effect transactions for 24 hours weekdays, Mr. Ahmet Albayrak went on to say “We continue our efforts to ensure that our clients get access to stock exchanges, capital markets and commodity exchanges more easily and more securely with wider range of products. TradePlus will soon allow our clients to perform sukuk and forward transactions too.”
Privileges offered by Kuveyt Türk TradePlus
  • TradePlus runs in integration with existing bank accounts and all the transactions are instantly reflected in the account of the client.
  • It is possible to buy and sell mutual funds, securities, forex and precious metals for 24 hours weekdays.
  • Buy or sell order can be placed. Once the order is placed, the transaction takes place when the currency rate equalizes to the currency rate level specified by the client and e-mail notice is sent to the client.
  • Advanced graphical technology and technical analysis tools can be used for forex and precious metal products.
  • Market news can be monitored and shared.
  • Thanks to its alarm feature, notice can be received as the actual currency rate reaches up or down to the level specified by the client.
  • The application can be downloaded to any smartphone running Android or iOS.
Those who are not yet a client of Kuveyt Türk can also download the app and instantly become a client and start using it through the “become a client” option