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Kuveyt Türk Renovates Its Website


Kuveyt Türk, the leading participation bank, has thoroughly renovated its website ( in line with the latest techno trends in an effort to offer a perfect banking experience to its customers. The new website of Kuveyt Türk has been designed to offer uninterrupted and full-fledged user experience, on any browser or any device like computers, tablets or smart phones.

Standing out with its user-friendly design, the new website makes it easier and enjoyable to carry out transactions thanks to its modern interface and serves as an online financial advisor thanks to its interactive calculating tools. Enriched with new features, the Finance Portal allows the user to follow up finance data and obtain free of charge information about financial transactions.

Designed based on customer feedback

Stating that they have attached great importance to customer feedback and designed the new website based on the opinions and expectations of their customers, Irfan Yılmaz, Vice President at Kuveyt Türk said:

“We have prepared our new website in consultation with our customers observing their satisfaction and needs. By this way, we were able to establish a platform compliant with ever-developing technology, where all the transactions are performed easily. Going beyond of becoming a platform where our products and services are promoted, our new website will become the online advisor for our customers. We, as Kuveyt Türk, will still continue to bring in innovation services and solutions for our customers.

Using the interactive calculation tools embedded on the new website of Kuveyt Türk, the users are now able to easily calculate the profit share, financing or installment payments and apply for banking products swiftly. At the same time, they have a close eye on the daily currency dates and capture the best rates right away. The new website of Kuveyt Türk also stands out with its advanced search feature enabling to access any data searched within the website.