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Kuveyt Türk and Generalsolar Enerji enter into cooperation in Roof SPP


Türkiye's leading participation finance institution, Kuveyt Türk and Generalsolar Enerji, one of the leading companies in the energy sector entered into a cooperation protocol that allows for the investors to get easy access to rooftop solar power plant project financing intended for self-consumption.
Increasing its financing support in the field of renewable energy, Kuveyt Türk continues to sign cooperation protocols with the leading companies in the energy sector. Kuveyt Türk recently cooperated with Generalsolar Enerji which has been operating in the energy sector for more than 10 years and has implemented successful projects by undertaking the project development, design and installation of solar power plants, in the field of Roof Solar Power Plant (Roof SPP). Kuveyt Türk Gaziantep Regional Manager Murat Birben and Generalsolar Enerji Chairman Ali Demirdaş signed the protocol as part of a ceremony held during the Energy Saving Week.
With the protocol signed in an effort to provide financing support for Roof SPP projects, investors will be able to access financing more easily and contribute to the renewable energy generation of our country. As part of the cooperation, customers who demand financing for the Roof SPP installation will be directed to Kuveyt Turk by Generalsolar Enerji in order to apply for financing.  In turn, Kuveyt Türk will provide financial support under favorable conditions to eligible companies for the Roof SPPs to be installed for self-consumption purposes.
“We will support more companies in the renewable energy field”
Commenting on the matter, Mr. Abdurrahman Delipoyraz, Executive Vice President in Charge of Kuveyt Turk SME, said, “We think it is crucial to use renewable energy resources in order to meet the energy needs of future generations and to reduce the environmental damage. As Kuveyt Türk, we continue to stand by companies willing to benefit from solar energy, which stands out among renewable energy sources, with favorable financing terms. We are pleased to support more companies in the field of renewable energy thanks to our cooperation with Generalsolar Enerji, one of the experienced companies in the sector. On this very occasion, I thank Generalsolar Enerji for this cooperation”. 
"Investors will now be able to easily access financing suitable for their Roof SPP projects"
Ali Demirdaş, the Chairman of Generalsolar Enerji stated as follows:  “Our company operating solar energy sector, has accomplished many successful projects throughout the country with its experienced engineers and staff, while also breaking grounds. Thanks to the cooperation protocol we have signed with Kuveyt Türk, investors will now be able to easily access appropriate financing for Roof SPP projects and contribute to our country's economy with solar energy investments. As Generalsolar Enerji, we are pleased to enter into this cooperation that will ensure an increase in solar energy investments in our country. On this very occasion, I would like to thank Kuveyt Türk for their support to the investors in this field."