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It is Very Easy to Withdraw or Send Money at Kuveyt Türk


Now, it is easier to withdraw or send money at Kuveyt Türk. Kuveyt Türk Mobile clients are able to withdraw money from ATMs using QR Code even if they do not have their cards with them. And the phone number of the recipient is simply enough for sending money.
Among the pioneering banks in finance sector, Kuveyt Türk continues adding new solutions that make the life easier. Improving its services continuously in an effort to provide better services for its clients, the bank nom made it easier to send and withdraw money.
Kuveyt Türk clients using Kuveyt Türk Mobile are able to send money to anyone using their phone numbers without any need for IBAN or account numbers. In order to send money, it is sufficient to run the Mobile Branch app and select “Send to Mobile and Withdraw from ATM” option and enter the phone number of the recipient. The recipient will receive an SMS containing a reference number to be used as a kind of password to withdraw the money from any Kuveyt Türk ATMs.
Another new application from Kuveyt Türk is ability to withdraw money using QR code
Another new feature of the Mobile Branch is that clients are able to withdraw money from ATMs using QR Code without card. In order to withdraw money without the card, Mobile Branch app is run, “Withdraw Money Using QR Code” option is clicked and then the amount to be withdrawn is entered. Then, press the key 5 on the ATM screen, and scan the displayed QR code through your phone’s camera and then the withdrawal transaction is completed.
More detail is available at Kuveyt Türk web site or call center (4440123).