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Ab-ı Bâde Reng Exhibition by Kuveyt Türk


Ahmet Çoktan, one of the leading representatives of the art of paper and leather carving, called katı, opened an exhibition entitled  “Ab-ı Bâde Reng” (Bloody Tears) in Kuveyt Türk’s head office located in Esentepe district of Istanbul.  Containing over 80 works of art, this exhibition will be open until the end of March.
Using its motto “Growing with our values”, Kuveyt Türk supports many projects to preserve, improve and maintain all local and national values of Türkiye and now houses an exhibition entitled “Ab-ı Bâde Reng” in its head office located in Esentepe district of Istanbul.
Ahmet Çoktan is one of the leading representatives of the Turkish art of paper and leather carving, named katı, and the exhibition containing over 80 works of art created by him opened with a ceremony on 11 March 2019 Monday.  The artist Ahmet Çoktan, CEO Ufuk Uyan, executives and employees of Kuveyt Türk, and many guests attended the ceremony.
“Precious works of the art of katı are here for lovers of art”
Explaining their wish to contribute to the efforts for making the original Turkish art of katı survive and passing it over to the next generation, Ufuk Uyan said: “Kuveyt Türk provides interest-free banking services on the one hand, and supports various activities based on the values of our ancient civilization on the other hand. We do our best especially to support architectural structures, works of art and artists of the Turkish-Islam civilization.  Today we are happy to open this exhibition entitled “Ab-ı Bâde Reng” created by the respected artist Ahmet Çoktan, containing some distinguished works of the art of kati which is about to be forgotten. The artist addresses, and even forces, the perception of lovers of art through his creations consisting mostly Lafzı Celal and Ismi Nebi works. Adding deep meanings in his works and making those meanings mysterious through images and symbols, the master Ahmet Çoktan wishes lovers of art to discover those mysteries themselves. We invite the people of Istanbul to come together with their friends and families to see these precious works of art.”
“The art of kati touches one’s heart”
Explaining that it took him five years to complete the works of art shown at this Ab-ı Bâde Reng exhibition, Ahmet Coktan said: “Katı is an difficult art begging for considerable patience, but all those difficulties are forgotten when you look at the resulting works. An old original Turkish art, katı is not widely known in the present, but I believe it would rise to the level it deserves and be as prominent as ebru (paper marbling) in the near future thanks to the artists practicing it, appreciative lovers of art, and such institutions as Kuveyt Türk that support the arts. All arts touch one’s heart. Therefore it is very important to make people feel the presence of the arts.  I would like to thank Kuvey Türk for helping me to touch people’s hearts by means of this exhibition. I hope visitors would enjoy this precious art invented by the Turks and the works exhibited here.”
The Ab-ı Bâde Reng exhibition is open from 09:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. every day including weekends until 31 March 2019 at Kuveyt Türk’s head office, admission is free.
Kuveyt Türk Head Office
Büyükdere Cad. No: 129/1, 34394 Esentepe, Istanbul
Who is Ahmet Çoktan?
Ahmet Çoktan was born in 1962 in Istanbul, his family was originally from Kastamonu. He studied ebru under the calligrapher and ebru artist Fuat Basar in 1990.  He gave seminars and taught courses on ebru, katı and illumination in over 20 countries including Japan, Qatar, Canada and Austria. He wrote several books on these arts and opened over 100 exhibitions of his works of ebru, katı and illumination. Practicing ebru and illumination for 30 years and katı for the last 13 years, Ahmet Çoktan was recognized in the Guinness Book of Records in 2009 on ebru and, with his brother, in 2010 on illumination.  Ahmet Çoktan creates at his workshop in Istanbul.