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Private Pension System (BES) Launched in Digital Banking

Senin Bankan (Your Bank), the first digital interest-free banking platform offered by Kuveyt Türk adds another new service to is digital banking services. Senin Bankan launched by the Bank in an effort to enable the customers to perform banking transactions at any time and place and become very popular within a short period of time has now introduced the Private Pension System on the digital environment. Kuveyt Türk is the first and only participation bank that performs PPS online.

First off, it is required to fill in a simple form on the Senin Bankan platform in order to apply for the Senin Bankan PPS Pension Scheme. Then, Katilim Emeklilik, the susidiary of Kuveyt Türk, contacts the applicants and completes the PPS membership by obtaining required details. This application enables the PPS participants to enjoy lower-cost pension scheme with lower premiums and without visiting a branch office.

“We are aiming to introduce PPS to young people”

Stating that the Private Pension System attaining an important customer potential in Türkiye recently continues to be focus of interest with the government subsidy and the campaigns launched by the PPS operators, Mr. Mehmet Oral, Asst. General Manager of Kuveyt Türk said, “With increasing benefits of digital banking, we are aiming to introduce the private pension system to the young people in particular. The fact that the Private Pension System being accessible online, state subsidy, lower costs all make the PPS a safe harbor. Thus, Senin Bankan further expands the coverage of digital banking”.

Mr. Oral stating that the Senin Bankan application differs from other banks in terms of meeting the changing needs of the customers with ease of service went on to say, “PPS pension scheme shall be made available at lower costs to the customers on the Senin Bankan platform. Our PPS applicants may enjoy various campaigns offering premium-based gold point, shopping opportunity etc.”