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Kuveyt Türk from Past to Present

About Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası:

Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası A.Ş. has been operating in the interest-free finance sector since 31 March 1989. Kuveyt Türk contributes to the development of participation banking with its dynamic corporate governance approach, innovative products offered to its clients and its global expansion.
Kuveyt Türk, offering its select set of financial products and services efficiently to the savings holders and investors, maintains its leading position in the sector with customer-oriented approach, techo-innovative activities and digital transformation efforts.

Top ranking in participation banking

Kuveyt Türk ranks first among the participation banks in terms of funds collected, funds extended and asset size. Furthermore, in terms of gold banking, Kuveyt Türk ranks the first among the participation banks and the third among all the banks. 

Leader in gold banking

Kuveyt Türk pioneers the development of participation banking instruments and offers a number of innovative products and services to its clients. Having the largest product range in gold banking, Kuveyt Türk started its gold sales service in grams as the first and only participation bank listed in Istanbul Gold Exchange in 2007 and has since introduced many innovations at home and abroad in gold banking. A number of products or services such as the Gold Days, Gold Participation Account or ATM gold vending machines have all been introduced first by Kuveyt Türk.
Started to be listed in the Istanbul Gold Exchange in 2007 and London Bullion Market Association in 2011, Kuveyt Turk has recently scored a major success by becoming the first corporation listed in Shanghai Gold Exchange from Turkey as of January 2019. Kuveyt Türk, which offers its customers gram gold account service and gram gold withdrawal service from ATMs, has brought over 20 tons of gold to the country’s economy so far.

Historical records in lease certificate

Closing the first bank sukuk deal of Europe and Turkey in 2010, Kuveyt Türk has so far issued sukuk of 10.7 billion TL, 1 billion 800 million dollars and 800 million Malaysian Ringgit in domestic and overseas markets. The Bank achieved the highest Sukuk issue volume in Turkey by issuing lease certificates worth of more than 5 billion TL in 2018 representing an increase by 120 percent in comparison to the previous year.   Kuveyt Türk also acts an intermediary for gold-based lease certificates launched by Turkish Treasury and Finance Ministry.

Support to mega projects of Turkey

Kuveyt Türk is ever increasing its support for projects that contribute to the development of the country. The bank provided financing in an amount of 200 million Euros for Çanakkale 1915 Bridge and 100 million Euros for Niğde-Ankara Motorway and increased its total funding to 740 million dollars in renewable energy market.  

The only bank that has 3 R&D centers

Established its first R&D Center in 2010 in Turkish banking sector, Kuveyt Türk is the only bank that has three R&D centers in Turkey. Launching technological and innovative products and services, the R&D centers develops projects including XTM branch allowing for video-based self-service transactions, a first all over the world.
BOA Banking Platform developed entirely by Turkish engineers at Kuveyt Türk’s R&D centers and starting a new era in the development of banking processes shall be used by more than 60 banks in nearly 20 countries by the end of 2021.
R&D centers also developed Your Bank (Senin Bankan), the first interest-free banking platform in Turkey, the application module for the sukuk public offering deal, the first in Turkey, as well as API Market Platform for entrepreneurs and FinTech developers.

Lonca Entrepreneurs Center

Established in 2017 by Kuveyt Türk in cooperation with Workinton in an effort to support the entrepreneurs willing to implement their ideas and projects, Lonca Entrepreneurs Center continues its activities. Applications are received in two separate categories; “general” and  “FinTech” via Ttraining, mentoring, multisite incubation service, grant in an amount up to 10 thousand TL are provided for startups, while R&D support are provided for those entrepreneurs developing devices, and FinTechs enjoy a number of supports including API, other privileges and opportunity to represent Turkey in international competitions. Guild Entrepreneurs Center supports 30 entrepreneurs in total each year in 3 different periods. 

We focus on human in digital transformation

Launched its digital transformation in 2009, Kuveyt Türk adopted its digital transformation motto as “Digital is our route, people are our focus”. The bank aims at establishing a simple, transparent, agile and cooperative working culture by considering the changing expectations of digital generation and redesigning the customized client and employee experiences. Kuveyt Türk designs its digital transformation so as to switch from product-based structure to client-based structure, from process-based structure experience-based structure, from transaction-based structure to interaction-based structure and from interaction based on client’s demand to interaction over client’s travel.

We grow with our values

Performing remarkable social responsibility projects by respecting the social values and protecting the cultural assets in addition to its operational activities, Kuveyt Türk funds a large number of restoration projects, supports Turkish-Islamic arts, and conveys to next generations the permanent works such as books and documentaries adopting the motto “We are growing with our values”. 

Strong equity structure

Standing out with its strong capital structure and dynamic corporate governance, Kuveyt Turk’s shareholders include Kuwait Finance House holding 62,24 percent, Turkish General Directorate of Foundations holding 18 percent, Kuwaiti Public Institution for Social Security holding 9 percent, Islamic Development Bank holding 9 percent and other shareholders holding 1,04 percent. Shareholder’s equity of the bank is over 5.2 billion TL. Main partner KFH guarantees the stable growth of Kuveyt Turk thanks to its fund size and efficient global service network.

Geographical coverage in excess of 85 percent

Kuveyt Turk offers quality and quick banking services by means of technological solutions through its network of domestic and overseas branches and correspondents. Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası operates through its over 400 branch offices throughout Turkey as well as Bahrain branch office and its  100-percent subsidiary KT Bank AG in Germany has four branches.
Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank (Kuveyt Türk) has, since its establishment, adopted as its principles to be painstaking in participation banking and research in the field of investment, offer stable, reliable, quality, client-oriented and new generation banking service to clients and investors in its 30th anniversary too.